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Dr. Pillai: The 3rd Module is to understand about “Thought Banks.” Yes, there are “Thought Banks.” Ok, at these Thought Banks, you can buy some super thoughts. Ok. So thoughts are like the financial instruments with which you are dealing with all of the time. So you can go to a Thought Bank and buy some super thoughts.

What Are Thought Banks And What Do They Provide Us?

So what are these Thought Banks, and what do they provide us? They have mantras. The mantras are the financial instruments of the Thought Bank, super valuable, financial instruments. And if you can get them you can feed those mantras to the brain and then you can change your brain in a way we want.

Mantras Protect Your Mind From Stupid Thoughts

There are many definitions of the Sanskrit word mantra. The one that I like is: “Mantra is to protect, that which protects your mind.” Protects from what? “Stupid Thoughts.” The Stupid Thought will be the next Module that I’ll talk about it in a while. And the mantra will go and protect your mind, otherwise the mind will go and think garbage thoughts, and it has an affinity to garbage thoughts, and that’s the problem. So mantras can be useful for giving you specific results.

Mantras Can Change Your Health, Relationship and Money

I’ve been teaching a lot about Mantras over the past 3 decades. And this organization, the Transcendental Meditation became a worldwide movement just because of the use of mantras. The mantras can go and open your brain, open your mind, to unlimited possibilities, your health, your relationship, your money, everything can be done.

Use THIS Mantra For Prosperity!

And there are specific mantras from “The Thought Bank” so to say, from which you can buy. So I myself have introduced you to a lot of mantras, and one important one particularly for our purpose to move from a poverty oriented brain to a prosperity oriented brain is using this sound: “SHREEM BRZEE.”

The Gift Of Royalty Consciousness

“SHREEM BRZEE,” this was exclusively given to me by a King, an Emperor in India who lived several thousands of years ago who wanted to give a Royal life to everyone. That’s a great King, you know, nobody thinks like that. Not everybody, only the President, and Prime Ministers, and Kings happened to, you know, fly on private jets and using the public money, but this King was totally a different kind of King, or Emperor. He thought that everybody should have the life that I have. So he found out that he could not do it, you know, it’s impossible through normal means. So he went and meditated and found out that the only way all of these people can become Kings is by developing a Royalty Consciousness. That’s the only way.

Dr. Pillai Gave THIS To Wayne Dyer…

If the President, or Prime Minister, fly in a private jet, it’s because their brain is able to conceive of that. You know, the concept that I gave to Wayne Dwyer, is the concept which he developed into a book called “Manifest Your Destiny,” which he dedicated to me, and the concept is: “You cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive,” and that’s what it is. So you have to again… it falls back on the brain. The brain has to be able to conceive.

So what if the brain is not able to conceive, that’s where the sounds come in. You know, I gave Wayne Dyer “The Ahh Meditation” which he also turned into c/d and then released it. Millions of people have been benefitted by this. This sound “AH” will give you tremendous benefits, not in one area, but in all of the areas.

Revisit The Ahh Meditation

So the “Thought Banks” are full of mantras, “SHREEM BRZEE” is the one that I recommend. The “Ahh Meditation” also is something that I strongly recommend, and I have given newer versions, that are also available for you on YouTube. I think a couple of years ago, I revisited the “Ahh Meditation” and gave some new insights into it. So you can do that.

Use Beads To Focus On “Shreem Brzee”

And now if you want to know my recent emphasis on mantras is the “SHREEM BRZEE.” “SHREEM BRZEE” is a mantra that can delimit in order to embrace prosperity. And I suggest what you do, is you do “SHREEM BRZEE” with a rosary, or a mala beads, and then say everyday do 108. Like “SHREEM BRZEE”, “SHREEM BRZEE”, and then Focus on the Brain while you are doing that “SHREEM BRZEE”.

Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108X For Prosperity!

~ Now close your eyes and just imagine as though you have a mala bead, or the rosary, and then you just roll the beads and as you are rolling it, you say the sound: “SHREEM BRZEE”, “SHREEM BRZEE”, “SHREEM BRZEE”. Put all of your attention and then Focus on the Brain and the sounds going into your brain.



Chant “Kleem”Throughout The Day For Harmonious Relationships!

~ Now what if you want a relationship? And I have given that also in my previous teachings, and that is “KLEEM”, K-L_E_E_M, “KLEEM”, “KLEEM”, “KLEEM”, “KLEEM”

~ But just make sure that you just Focus Attention on the Brain

~ This is a Brain Training Program so when you just say “KLEEM”, “KLEEM”, “KLEEM”, you should be Focusing on the Brain.

Chant “OM” For Enlightenment And To Be One With God!

~ And then there is “OM” if you want enlightenment and to be one with God because “OM” is God. Eban Alexander who wrote the book: “Proof of Heaven” has said that when he went to Heaven during his coma time, then he realized that “OM” was God. You know this is what Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras says that God is nothing but “OM.” So you say: “OM” 108 x’s. Ok.

~ You can use any rosary, and you can open your eyes now.

God Bless.

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