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If you did not have fear, you would be better capable of achieving greatness. Learn what causes fear and how to turn it into inner strength.

If you did not have fear, you would be much more capable of achieving greatness. I’m talking about the irrational and unfounded fear so many of us carry with us each day. 

Today, we are going to turn this fear into true power and strength. Ready?

This type of fear is the #1 emotion that sideswipes our:

  • Go-getter attitude
  • Willingness to “grasp the brass ring”
  • Ability to fulfill life desires and do the things we incarnated to do

I’ve asked myself, “Why can’t I motivate myself to ______________ (work out, write this email, etc). The root is fear.

Fear is uncontrollable in 99.9% of cases. How much time does it take to calm yourself down after being gripped by fear? Five minutes? Ten minutes? One hour? All day? 

The worst is when we are not aware of it and we spend the entire day in fear mode. For many, this silently drives their entire lives. 


The Root of Fear

The root of fear is not emotions. When it arises, and how severe it is, both depend on your neurochemistry and karma (limiting thought cycles and subconscious beliefs). Both of these factors might seem out of your control, but they do not need to be.  

I am not saying you will get rid of all of your fear. You will not, and some fear is good for you anyway. What I am saying is that chronic survival mode fear is crippling, and you can overcome that.  

This survival mode fear is what keeps you worrying and thinking to yourself:

  • I am going to lose my job
  • We won’t have enough money
  • What about my health and the health of my loved ones?
  • He is going to leave me

And so on…


Fear Harms Your Immune System

Fear not only hurts our productivity and our ability to fulfill our desires. It also wreaks havoc on our immune systems. Yes, I said immune system.  

“Your emotional health is intricately linked to your immune system. Your immune system is a collection of billions of cells, and some target organs that have the primary job of keeping you healthy and fighting off disease. Your immune system cells travel throughout your body and defend it against antigens, such as viruses. Unrelenting cortisol, your primary stress hormone, suppresses your immune system by reducing the number of its virus-fighting cells.” (1) – Alane K. Daugherty Ph.D., Director of the Mind and Heart Research Lab, California Polytechnic University


How Do You Turn Fear Into Power & Inner Strength?  


1. Consume Curcumin Regularly

Curcumin is the most abundant nutrient and antioxidant in Turmeric. A standardized Curcumin supplement is an extract of Turmeric that is guaranteed to be at least 95% Curcumin (or some other specific percentage). 

In a recent animal study at Hunter College in New York, they found that Curcumin supplementation can help remove Pavlovian fear memories. These are the types of traumatic memories that cause some war veterans to lash out at people or act strangely for no apparent reason. (2)

A rat is less likely to recall and react to a fear memory if its diet is enriched with curcumin. Curcumin also impairs its ability to “encode” the fear memory in the first place. 

In other words, fear has less power over its behavior. The researchers believe that this likely applies to humans as well. 


2. Replace Fear Vibrations with Therapeutic Sound Vibrations

You can reset your fear by neutralizing and replacing it with vibrations that infuse the physical body and aura.

Sound infusion is the answer. One way to infuse yourself with sound is to use a mantra. 

Do you have poverty consciousness that is rooted in fear? Is it hard for you to feel truly worthy enough to ask for that promotion and actually get it? Is fear holding you back from doing what it takes to start building that dream business? 

Do you want to dissolve poverty consciousness and fears that limit your wealth? Shreem Brzee may be a good mantra for you. 

If fear holds you back from healthy romantic relationships, or it impairs your ability to even have a relationship, use Kleem. 

You must make the mantra a habit for it to work. Chant it as often as you can. Use it as background music while you work or work out. Write it out on paper 108 or 1,008 times. 

This will dissolve and replace bad thought habits, many of which you did not know existed. It will clean your conscious and subconscious minds and your subtle body. 


3. Allow Phoneme-Infused Herbs to Infuse YOU

Dr. Pillai founded Nambu Botanicals because he saw that much of the ancient herbal wisdom from Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine is not used today. 

In the old days, practitioners infused the herbs with sacred sounds. The herbs, in turn, infused the herb takers. 

Shreem Brzee Turmeric is a Curcumin supplement that is standardized for 95% Curcumin. This means 95% of each dose is Curcumin. 

What separates it from other Curcumin supplements is that this formula is infused with the sound vibrations of the Shreem Brzee mantra. 


4. Develop Unshakeable Willpower! 

Shreem Brzee is formulated for the Navel Chakra. This is the energy center of your subtle body that governs willpower. According to Siddha Medicine, Turmeric empowers this energy center. 

Scientifically speaking, Curcumin increases your heart rate variability (HRV). Your heart rate may be 60 beats per minute, but that doesn’t mean that all beats are one second apart. The more the time between beats varies, the higher your HRV. Higher HRV means higher willpower and self-discipline and vice versa. (3)(4)


Nambu Botanicals 20% Off Package: Shreem Brzee Turmeric & Hi-Memory Bacopa Monnieri

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