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In Libra Vedic Astrology, Jupiter or Guru is considered the most benevolent and luckiest celestial body. So it’s safe to say that where Jupiter goes in your birth chart, your luck follows.

As it moves from Virgo to Libra—the Venusian house of relationships, social life, business partnerships, agreements and contracts—on September 11 EDT (Sept. 12 IST), Jupiter will be showering his benign influence on all the above matters, bringing you opportunities, a fulfilling, harmonious relationship or refining your taste in art and beauty.

Jupiter rules higher intelligence, wisdom and expansion. Moreover, this large planet travels slowly and stays in an astrological sign for one year—a relatively long time that can bring lastingly positive change in your life.

So to grow your luck factor, happiness and finances, here for you: three traditional ways to receive the blessings of Jupiter and say goodbye to worries, and work related doldrums. 

1. The great merger

Venus—the ruler of Libra—and Jupiter are the two universal benefics, an astrological term for positive planetary forces. In fact, even when they aren’t too well placed in one’s birth chart, they often bring gentle energy and good results.

Yet these two planets don’t get along too well, because despite being the two higher teachers or Brahmins among the nine Vedic planets, they rule nearly opposite interests.

Parashara, one of the ancient teachers of Vedic astrology, wrote: “Jupiter libra has a large body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in all the shastras [or scriptures].” Venus is “charming…excellent…is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy and has curly hair.”

Libra is the natural 7th house of love commitments, business partnerships and general kama—a Sanskrit word for ‘pleasure’.

The thing is that Jupiter doesn’t care about charming others—one of Venus’ pursuits—and is instead more focused on teaching righteous and spiritual subjects.

Yet from Libra, Jupiter will have no choice—and will be working on your behalf to bring you more harmony both at home and work.

From Chitra or Spica, the very brilliant constellation of excellent architecture and splendid art works, Jupiter will help you create lovely buildings, living and working spaces and gardens.

Your marketing and PR campaigns will be innovative and multifaceted.

You can now benefit from adding beauty to your surroundings and forming new relationships. As you sign contracts and agreements, you’ll have a sense that nothing can go wrong in your life.

And in a world that desperately needs more love and true beauty, this is a good thing.

While discrimination is always advisable, utter positivity and faith will bring you beneficial connections and profitable deals.

2. Beautiful deals

Both Jupiter and Venus are watery planets—so any business related to water can now bring you profits. Libra is an air sign—so staying flexible, sociable and relatable will improve your skills and networking.

Jupiter rules saffron and yellow items—such as yellow sapphires, turmeric and gold.

Venus rules silk, beautiful textiles and attractive design.

A new business that includes the above items is said to prosper when Jupiter is in Libra. Your current business partner or a new compatible person can now help you increase profits as well as bring pleasant times at work.

What to do

The traditional sound vibrations or mantras for a planet are believed to change your consciousness and help you relate to that planet in more beneficial ways.

  • Reciting OM GURAVE NAMAHA 108 time on Thursdays is said to bring you positivity—a requirement for success—and intelligence.
  • The sounds for Venus, OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA recited 108 times on Fridays are a Vedic remedy to improve your relationship and grow your devotion.

Jupiter and Venus are the karakas (or representatives) for husband and wife in women’s and men’s birth charts respectively. Now a commitment in a relationship is more likely as positivity and hope will run high.




Partners will be more likely to want to please each other and compromise on previous disagreements.

3. Ancient secrets for good luck

Jupiter in Libra vedic ceremonies involving prayers, chanting, fire rituals and offerings to a celestial archetype are believed to be the most powerful means to happiness and destiny (or karmic) changes.

If nothing seems to be working in a relationship or finances, fire rituals or homas to Jupiter and Venus are traditional Vedic solutions.

Also according to the Tamil Siddhas, devotional offerings to Lakshmi, the overlord of Venus, and Shiva, the overlord of Jupiter, are believed to bring you money miracles and more happiness.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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