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We all need mentors and friends who help push us in the right direction. This world can be difficult to navigate on your own and we need a supreme being like Ganesha to be our guide.

Let Ganesha be your support!

Ganesha is your solution. He will keep you aware of problems and issues that come your way. He can get rid of the negativity that you face from all areas of your life: health, relationships, money, and more. He will kill the demons that are holding you back. And, that’s why Ganesha has become active in this world. He is here to support you, remove your obstacles, go to battle for you, and be your guide.

How can you have Ganesha as your protector all the time?

Carry a small Ganesha statue with you or an image of him (a printed one or digital one will do).  If you have a statue of him, you can carry it with care in a small pouch.  When faced with trouble during the day, take out your statue and hold it safely in your hand.  If you have an image of him, you can just look deep into his eyes.  Chant his mantra (Gum, Om Gum, or Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha) 3 or 9 times and ask him for help; ask him to be your guide in this situation. One of the most powerful statements that Dr. Pillai has advised us to say when asking for help from an archetype, “I cannot do this without you.”



Ganesha is the most compassionate Being. He knows that the human beings are really suffering and wants to help you. He stands ready to help you. All you have to do is call him into your life.

Want to Receive Ganesha Special Initiations?

Dr. Pillai has a new online course called Ganesha Decoded where you experience a set of initiations into every aspect of one of Ganesha’s most powerful mantras. The benefits of these initiations are:

  • Ganesha will identify shortcuts to your success.
  • Because Ganesha is first in everything, he will make you first at everything.
  • Ganesha has the power to create anything and can grant you whatever you desire.
  • Ganesha can give you access to all other archetypes.

In Ganesha Decoded, Dr. Pillai provides 7 separate initiations including  a special prayer that attracts everyone and everything to you. He also provides  daily practice recommendations to make the most of your initiations.  If you would like to deepen your knowledge of and connection with Ganesha, sign up for Ganesha Decoded.




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