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babata1Dr. Pillai’s 2015 Birthday Trip is almost here and it’s not to be missed!

He’s promising to release a new energy on the Earth Plane to “save humanity” during what he’s calling the “most important cosmic event” of his life.

Until now, the special blessings, remedies and rituals of Dr. Pillai’s Birthday celebrations were limited to the 40 blessed souls heading to India at the end of this month!

For the first time, Dr. Pillai is making available a means for accessing the FULL blessings of the 2014 Birthday Trip without the trip to India!

Participate by Proxy

With your permission, a custom Yantra will be created to represent YOU.

Your Yantra will go on to serve as stand-in for the many powerful rituals and remedies planned.

The Yantra acts like an antennae that receives and stores energy intended for You. After 2 Months of care, we’ll ship it to your home!

Your Yantra will be touched, energized and personally blessed by Dr. Pillai himself!

yantrasFor thousands of Years, Vedic Sages and Yogis have used Yantras to focus their meditative energy and accomplish the impossible, from manifesting material wealth to remote healing.

A Yantra is a mystical diagram made to represent a unique energy pattern in the Cosmos. Complex geometric figures and archetypal designs hold particular energetic signatures which can be activated–brought to life–by a qualified Vedic specialist.

Your Yantra will receive …

  • Karmic Cleansing – your Yantra will be bathed in each of the 22 sacred pools at Rameshwaram, dissolving 22 different kinds of karma
  • 4 Pradosham Remedies – Dr. Pillai’s specially selected Vedic Priests will perform 4 consecutive karma dissolving remedies during Pradosham, harnessing the power of the 13th Moon

… and 6 Powerful Fire Lab Transmissions:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Fire Lab (Feb. 1 ) — get the blessings of Dr. Pillai’s personal family deity Goddess Rakkachi who grants all desires
  • Dr. Pillai’s Spiritual Birthday Fire Lab (Feb. 2 ) — the miraculous powers of Swami Ramalingam, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Dr. Pillai himself combine to bless you with material and spiritual transformation
  • Goddess Kali Fire Lab At Nambu Nayaki’s Power Spot ( Feb 4 ) — lifetimes of Karma dissolve through the miraculous healing power of the Goddess
  • Chitragupta Fire Lab ( Feb 6 ) — get a clean slate from the divine archetype responsible for recording ­ humanity’s past actions
  • Radha & Krishna Fire Lab ( Feb 7 ) — the Avatars of Love & Prosperity are invoked for an effortlessly blissful and successful New Life
  • Muraga Fire Lab( Feb 8 ) — blessed by the Warrior Archetype to crush debts, disease, negative relationships and ignorance

… Plus Dr. Pillai’s 2014 Birthday Message:

  • 2 Hour Live Call with Dr. Pllai on Jan. 31st @ 5pm EST / Feb. 1st @ 4am IST
  • receive a special practice to connect with Dr. Pillai during this time of his rebirth

This proxy program was born out of Dr. Pillai’s compassion and desire for EVERYONE to benefit during this extraordinary time, regardless of your current karmic predicament!

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