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Venus spent the last two weeks alone in the sign of the Moon, after the departure of Mars on September 15. This was a good change and you might have felt some relief from previous friction and arguments.

On one hand—Cancer is the sign of super sensitivity, where we feel a need to nurture, receive love and care for others.

On the other hand—Venus is more inclined to compromise to avoid deep (and often uncomfortable) emotions and secure happiness in relationships. Moreover, Venus wants fun in artistic projects and enjoyment through luxury.

So being in the sign of the Moon wasn’t the best time ever for Venus and for most of us.

On September 30, the planet of romance and relationship entered Leo and now it’s a whole new ball game until November 2.

In the sign of the Sun, Venus is grand, proud and more inclined to secure material achievements than compromise with others. Now finances, public appearances and stage performances will be again the focus.

Let’s face it—if we weren’t interested in human love and only wanted to focus on dharma and helping humanity, Venus in Leo would be great help. But for most of us, reaching an acceptable agreement through human relationships is usually a priority, both at home and at work.

So until November 2nd we need to find solutions for avoiding arguments, hurt feelings and stress while Venus meets with Mars and Jupiter, under the tutelage of stern Saturn.

Below are six solutions to make the best of this transit and avoid obstacles in projects, relationships and finances.

1. Easy does it

We can’t always win and, now that we have long left childhood, we need to share and make nice. This month when you control an urge to vent or act out temporary irritation to win in matters of principle, you’ll be happier and so will your near and dear.

2. Work ethic

There’s no other way: in the house of the Sun with Saturn aspecting (or watching) three planets of competition, righteousness and relationship, you’ll need to play fair. Only utmost ethics and playing by the rules will bring you positive and lasting results.2

This is also true for politicians who might now be exposed for past wrongdoing. If you are a mechanical engineer, you’ll like these transits and will find that you have renewed motivation for your work.

3. Feminine energy

If you are looking for a job with the government or in cinematography, you will find an enjoyable position where you’ll work with women or for charities to benefit underprivileged children.

4. Make it fun

If you have an artistic project in the offing you’ll want it to make it beautiful and you will seek esthetic perfection. Although with Saturn’s influence you’ll be simply happier if you can just complete the creative process and accept a simpler design.

5. Surrender to the Goddess

At times we just need more inspiration and support. You can have the above by asking an aspect of the Divine Feminine for help. Whether it’s in relationships, arts, finances or just getting along with others at work, the Goddesses can help. With the following sounds you can connect with them. The prerequisites for a true connection with the Goddess are surrender and sincerity.

. OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (for Lakshmi and wealth)

. OM PARVATIYE NAMAHA (for Parvati and relationships)

. OM SARASWATIYE NAMAHA (for Saraswati, higher knowledge or arts)

6. Forget the past

If you’ve tried several times to attain prosperity or job security, a satisfying relationship or just getting fit, the solution might be something you’ve never tried before. We’re often comfortable in our ways of thinking and firmly planted in our tridimensional reality—only to realize that we aren’t truly happy.

Opening our hearts to the divine requires humility and a willingness to see the invisible. The spiritual solution is usually a better way to solve longstanding problems.

So fire rituals, fasting (after consulting with your physician) or traveling to a sacred place can be non-modern yet very powerful ways to change your consciousness. If any of these solutions resonates with you, you could now try it and find happiness in the process.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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