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jupiter forward

How long has it been since you felt truly optimistic? It probably seems like a long time and it’s been all work and no play for most of us. So here’s some good news—because we can all use some good luck to turn our life around or at least point it in the right direction. Jupiter, planet of good luck, expansion, positivity and wisdom is going forward starting from April 8th.

Not that Jupiter’s influence was totally phased out in its retrograde motion, but it was following an unpredictable inner clock.

Now until the middle of July 2015, this planet can finally reward you generously with riches and lots of inspiration—because it’s operating in its most auspicious capacity in its sign of exaltation!

Meanwhile, Venus is in cushy Taurus—a great placement—from where it can give you happiness and comforts. But here there’s a catch, so keep reading what you can do to experience more happiness.

Take these five steps to ensure getting the very best from these two planets, avoiding unnecessary setbacks.

Think golden thoughts. You probably already know that planets can change your thinking—that’s how they can either be your best friends or worst foes. A strong, direct Jupiter can now expand your mind and bring you a wealth of material and spiritual gifts. Chant his sounds OM GURAVE NAMAHA for good fortune.

The bigger, the better. The word ‘small’ is almost never associated with Jupiter. From Cancer he can make you a king and cover you with gold.

So, as Dr. Pillai puts it, “think only outrageous thoughts” and follow up with largesse in your actions and keep faith in a good outcome.

Make it pretty. Venus can now turn you into a homebody, allow you to truly enjoy your time with your family and close friends, help you in beautifying your home, buy a car, nice clothes and invest in lovely jewelry.

In Taurus, Venus is at its most glorious, albeit materialistic self. But even the Gods love beauty and comforts.

love wise

Love wisely. Slow Saturn has been afflicting Taurus since November 2014. His pressure can spoil a picnic and make even a committed relationship suffer due to pessimism or bitterness. Now that this planet is retrograding, he can act even more erratically and stuck.

Some congested energy may require patience in romantic matters. It’s better not to rush into a final decision—at the beginning of August you might change direction altogether.

Relax. Not only will a more optimistic approach allow you to make progress in your finances thanks to Jupiter, but Venus in Taurus will help you financially and in getting some deserved rest. You can now take a break, eat some delicious foods in a fancy restaurant and get some more sleep.

You’ll be happy you feel your best next week, when the Sun enters Aries and joins Mars to give you an extraordinary time for your career and success in society. And you might even become the CEO of your company. Stay tuned for more about this soon.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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