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sun in aries

Our everyday language doesn’t include enough superlatives or fitting descriptions of the Sun’s gifts to humanity. Scientists tell us that if we could isolate a single solar spot in the sky, we would witness a light much brighter than the full moon. But what exactly do we know about its deeper and more profound effects? Mystics, Siddhas and yogis all agreed: worshiping the Sun can give you superpowers, make you a being of light and largely improve your life on earth.

You are now presented with an exceptional time window: the Sun’s transit in Aries. The yogis have always awaited this yearly opportunity for evolution and enlightenment.

So between April 14 and May 15, you can take these nine steps to achieve it all—and thanks to this exceptionally transformative energy, triumph in your career, increase your intelligence, better your finances, improve how you relate to others and more.

Go outside.

Going out at sunrise or near sunset, without sunglasses or hat, is one of the ways to increase well-being and ban depression. But this is also a method that in somewhat mysterious ways can download secret knowledge of the cosmos into our brains. Mystics have known this process throughout the ages and attributed to the Sun a higher kind of intelligence.

Use candlelight.

On cloudy days or if you live in an area where the Sun is not fully visible in the early morning or sunset, you can practice the ancient technique of light gazing with candlelight or a ghee lamp. You can practice this for a few minutes to receive some of the benefits of the Sun.

Connect rather than harness.

According to the Tamil Siddhas, the Sun is a divine being and giver of life energy to our entire being, including our soul. So he is already a part of us and thinking in terms of harnessing his energy is an incomplete perspective. Connect with his energy as you would with a God.


There is no better substitute for connecting with a God other than sound. According to scientists, everything in the universe is sound and vibration. So using the traditional sound wave of the Sun (read below) will raise your own vibrations, bring you joy and strengthen your left brain—directly related to the Sun.

  • Gayatri Mantra 108, 27 or 9 repetitions





  • Or simply recite 108 times


Write your goals.

Since the Sun gains maximum strength in the 10th house of career and reputation, his energy can reboot your work to make it more successful and productive. So increase focus by penning down your goals on a daily basis.

businesss success

Position yourself for success.

Without powerful thoughts of success it’s very hard to experience positive changes. Millionaires think differently than the average person and no thought is too outrageous for billionaire entrepreneurs. Expect the best possible outcome from your ventures.

Be ethical.

While we have seen wrongdoing and greed by powerful and un-scrupled individuals, choosing ‘goodness’, as Dr. Pillai calls a more conscious and generous way of living will manifest your goals and benefit society, too. Your goodness will bring you all you need!

Participate in rituals by specialists.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of steps required in Vedic fire rituals for maximum benefits from the Sun’s energy. So well trained priests who use proper sounds and materials to access the Sun can bring you unimaginable help and good luck.


Include in your meditation awareness of the Sun. This simple step during the Aries transit can raise and transform your consciousness in profound ways. Add the primordial sound OM to up the power of your meditation.

Enjoy the energies!

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