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Jai Radha (Gina) recently hosted a webinar on how you remove bad money karma. In it, you’ll learna step-by-step process for cleansing and dissolving your most persistent and deeply-ingrained karma, and recreating it for prosperity.

You can watch the webinar here, and/or read the summary below.


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Shreem Brzee is the mantra that dissolves the poverty mindset and recreates the karma.

Some people who use the mantra often have said they’re not seeing changes. This indicates that there are deeper forces, or thought processes, that are creating a lot of inertia. They can take time to dissolve, and there are techniques for dissolving them.

These are the steps.

Take an Honest Look at Your Financial Karma

What financial gains or losses have you recently experienced? Look further back in time and see how much you have progressed or lost. What’s your current net worth now? That’s your financial karma. It’s important to stare the current reality in the face.

Many of the thought patterns that determine your current financial karma go way back in time, to other lifetimes. Maybe you stepped on someone’s toes in a former lifetime, and the event planted seeds in your unconscious. Later, in the current lifetime, the seeds grew into a problem.

A sudden loss may feel unfair because a lot of the context is missing from the point of view of the conscious mind. You likely don’t know what thoughts you had in a previous life.

Perhaps you’re doing very well spiritually, socially, and romantically. However, your money karma is causing you problems.

Are Spirituality & Money at Odds with Each Other?

You may have had a spiritually wealthy life in a past life. You didn’t want money because you thought it would make you greedy, or less spiritual. If you’ve been walking the spiritual path, it’s likely you were a monk or nun who took a vow of poverty at one time or another. Perhaps many times.

Now, we’re in the modern day, which has a different set of rules. Financial abundance often creates more freedom to pursue a spiritual lifestyle. It can free up your time so that you can learn how to connect with Spirit better, or spend more time meditating. Contrasting this with past lives spent in monasteries can trigger a sense of irony.

Good Financial Karma Brings You Freedom & Authenticity

The bottom line is that money gives you freedom to give to others. you may have more money to give, or more time to give, to worthy causes. It gives you the freedom to pursue your most authentic desires.

Dr. Pillai once said that authenticity is the freedom to tell your boss, if you have one, what you’re truly thinking. If you depend on that boss, you will be less authentic in order to keep your job.

If you’re a spiritual person, you probably desire this type of freedom and authenticity, perhaps even more than money.

Your Ancestors Can Influence Your Financial Karma

You may have ancestors who have to make it to the highest realms of light after death. They could be struggling with major problems. These problems could be affecting YOU financially.

It may be a good idea to research what types of financial problems they struggled with when they were alive. They may pass these problems onto future generations, on the genetic level, on the soul level, and through philosophies and beliefs about money that were transferred from parent to child through speech and actions.

Children are impressionable by nature. You may have taken on thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, from early on in this life.

Examine Your Attitudes & Beliefs About Money

It’s important to look at what your underlying attitudes about money are. Also look at how much money you can IMAGINE receiving. $1,000 USD per month? $10,000 per month? $1 Million?

The ability to CONCEIVE having particular amounts of money is determined by your karma, and you can change that ability.

Take Responsibility for Your Current Karma

After honestly looking at where you are right now, financially, now it’s time to OWN it. For better or worse, you’ve created this. Once you take full responsibility, you will have the consciousness required to start manifesting more. This comes from the knowledge that your financial destiny is ultimately in your hands.

Where to Go from Here to Cleanse Your Most Persistent Money Karma

Step 1: Shreem Brzee Mantra

After taking responsibility, you can recreate your karma with Shreem Brzee.

The secret to the mantra is to chant it as much as possible so that its consciousness gains momentum. You can put it on as background music as well, and keep it going all day long.

Whether you’re chanting or listening, or both, and Shreem Brzee vanishes from your attention, come right back to it. It’s always there. Don’t worry about it, and just come back.

Shreem Brzee changes the karmic thought patterns, but they could be deeply ingrained over many lifetimes, at the soul level.

Step 2: Vedic Financial Astrology Readings

One step in the right direction is a Vedic Astrology reading to take a good look on the poker hand you’re holding in your hands now. Vedic Astrology gives you tools to change your karmic patterns, and this is something that’s often overlooked in Western Astrology.

Vedic readings can tell you about strong affinity for certain professions. They can help chart where and when obstacles may arise.

You can find info about getting your own personal Vedic Financial Astrologer here.

Step 3: Ceremonies (Remedies)

Attending ceremonies, even through proxy technology, can remove deep-rooted karma and change negative thinking patterns. A Vedic Astrologer can tell you which ceremonies can bring you the most benefit. They may identify a planet or Deity to focus on in ceremony.

 At-home ceremonies can also help, especially if you know which mantras to use and Archetypes to invoke.

In response to a question, Jai Radha spoke about the effectiveness of Pillai Center/Astroved ceremonies. In her experience, it only took one or two ceremonies to get unstuck in certain areas of life. Other times, it took a larger number of ceremonies. It’s a matter of how deeply ingrained the karma is.

You can order a single Fire Lab at the Pillai Center website. You can also order packages that include dozens of ceremonies with the same general purpose, like this Financial Remedies Package.

You can think of Vedic remedies like the swing of a hammer. You have to use it consistently and persistently at times. Astrology Readings are recommended because they’re like diagnoses and prescriptions from a doctor. The ceremonies are the medicine.

Evolution is King

Life isn’t about chasing after money. As Dr. Pillai says, solving your money problems solves 90% of your other problems. Then you can focus on the other 10% and your spiritual evolution.

Questions with Jai Radha

Questions begin at minute 24 in the video and span the rest of the 49 minute video.

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