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Dr. Pillai talks about Vedic Temples and the energy they hold for personal transformation, spiritual and material…


“Human beings with all of their scientific and technological inventions, have been able to use only five percent of our mental potential. The Yogis from times immemorial, on the other hand, have been able to use one hundred percent of the brain, and also an intelligence that is non-physical, connecting the individual to subtle bodies. It is with the use of the subtle bodies beyond the physical bodies that the Yogis were able to accomplish super-normal feats, like miracles.

The place to start the enhancement of our potential is from activating the dormant parts of the brain that are associated with super-normal powers. Science and technology belongs to primarily the neocortex area, particularly the frontal lobe. Super-normal powers are associated with the pituitary, the pineal gland, along with the lower cerebellum.

Yogic literature talks about these parts of the brain that play a crucial role in the activation of super-consciousness and super-intelligence. When the brain begins to function fully there will be nothing hidden from our perception.

Built for Change

The Yogis identified certain vortices that are capable of creating distinct vibrations necessary for living our life without limitation.

There are vortices where you can feel the mind moving to a higher state of consciousness quite naturally with minimum efforts.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temples carries the highest vibration. Going around those vortices, will influence not only our brain, but also our subtle bodies.

There are vortices where one’s ego will fall apart. Certain meditation practices have been prescribed in specific vortices for the dissolution of ego.

Maya, which is illusory perception of material reality, can also be diffused relatively easily in certain vortexes.

There are also vortices that promote maya because maya is an essential component, or essential prerequisite, for living a material life. These vortices are associated with wealth, wealth building vibrations, gentle relationships, luxury, etc.

Removing karma is very critical for our progress in spiritual life as well as material life. Although there are mantras and ritual practices for karma removal, the vortices play a key role enhancing the power of the rituals as well as the mantras.

For this the reason the Yogis recommended regular periodic temple visits to ensure progress in one’s own material, as well a spiritual life.”

– Dr. Pillai

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