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Walk Like A God On The Earth Plane

God has given me the tools to help you, so you can live in the field of infinite possibilities.” – Dr. Pillai

Walk Like God on Earth

You already own everything because you are God. You have to live that. You can easily shift your consciousness and experience an unlimited life of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, and this is real education. Then you can walk like a God on this earth plane, not as someone who is a weakling, but as a hero.

I Want to Give You Miracles

Nadis have said that I have been Krishna, I have been Siva, I have been all these, Jesus, everything but if you ask me honestly, I am discovering things second by second so that the human evolution can take a faster track. I don’t need the steps. I am here to give you an express ride. I want to give you miracles, I want to give you miracles – that is the message that I want to give you. The only siddhi, or power I have, is that I can change the destiny of anyone.

There is a Grandiose Reality Waiting for You

Life would be a lot easier and enjoyable when you understand Atman, which is your God-Consciousness. You have a tremendous amount of power within you. All that you need to do is move your mind into your Atman. Miracles happen from this domain. Then you can move your poverty into prosperity, your sick body into a healthy body. It can all be created now. There is a grandiose reality waiting for you.

Providence is Available at Anytime

“We are all here by choice, and there is a purpose for it. The purpose is to learn that you are not conditioned by anything at all. There is providence at anywhere at any time, and that gives me immense happiness. God has given me the tools to help you, so you can live in the field of infinite possibilities. I invite you to come and receive them and be benefitted. God Bless.”

— Dr. Pillai




To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center



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