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Wayne Dyer and Dr Pillai: Evidence of Spirit at Work

The late Wayne Dyer once said “Have you ever written off situations as coincidence? Serendipity? Or flukes? When you reach a level of consciousness that is beyond survival, or just living your life each day, you begin to realize that things show up for a reason.”

It’s no coincidence that you are reading this blog. Just as it was no coincidence that Dr. Dyer received a mysterious package from India one day.

Dyer described how “at the time, I didn’t know that it contained a recording with the secret sound of creation – and would become the focus of my new audio program.

The Valuable Content Within…

The package came from Shri Guruji, one of the most enlightened beings on Earth today who is now known as Dr. Pillai.  His instructions to Dyer were simple: ‘Meditate for 20 minutes every day for 15 days, and repeat these sounds”.

After 15 days Wayne Dyer commented on the results. He said: “Phenomenal things began happening in my life. Things started showing up that I would put my attention on. I would do the daily mediation using these sounds of creation, and whatever I thought about happened.

By repeating God’s name as an inner mantra and placing his attention on what he wished for, this cosmic sound vibration acted as a vehicle for bringing his desires into physical manifestation. In his lectures, the American author explained the theory and history behind this meditation. He then asked his audience to chant the sound of God – “OM” – whilst placing their attention on something that they desired. He said: “The results were astonishing. I include many of them in the body of my book ‘Getting in the Gap’.

Meeting Dr. Pillai

Two years after teaching this meditation Wayne Dyer had the privilege of meeting Dr. Pillai face-to-face. He says: “I was invited to a home in Los Angeles following a lecture I gave to a large seminar gathering and was told that Guruji would like to meet me. I waited in a private room for 30 or so minutes and then this great guru walked into the room, all dressed in white, and sat across from me. Neither one of us spoke for close to an hour. We were both speechless, yet the love between us is what he has come to describe as Grace Light on his website.”

Grace Light is the Light of God. It is undetectable to the human eye but highly visible to prophets, sages, angels, Messiahs, and other high beings. This divine light is filled with incredible intelligence and energy. It is the almighty power of God. Once transmitted, it works in a miraculous way to transform the body, mind, and soul.

The beautiful spirit of Dr. Pillai was an experience that Wayne Dyer would carry with him for the rest of his life. He was captivated by the gentle whisper of God which emanated from this enlightened being. He recalled a solitary tear escaping from his eye, falling slowly down his cheek, and said: “There were very few words spoken, but I felt that we had communicated with each other via what I quoted above.”

Why was Wayne Dyer chosen to carry out this special work?

A portion of the letter from Dr. Pillai says…

“Dear Wayne.

The purpose of this meditation is to end the suffering of human beings through the manifestation of their desires. Before I developed and offered this technique, I prayed with Siva and Nandi. I would never allow it to be misused; that is the reason why I chose you.

Wayne Dyer felt honored and privileged to introduce this 2000-year-old meditation to a global audience. He described Dr. Pillai as: “One of the most influential people to cross my path”.

The Continued Journey

When writing Manifest Your Destiny, the inspirational writer and speaker explained how a divine force was at work.

He said: “I look at the manuscript I’ve written, which includes a chapter on ‘meditating to the sound of creation’ and feel awed at being able to use this Japa technique to create an entire book with nine principles specifically delineated in the proper order. I had no outline – no idea what the second, third, or ninth principles would be as I wrote the first one. I totally trusted in the power of the Divine name that I used as inner mantra while writing. I gaze at my completed manuscript and wonder how all nine of these principles could have been transmitted so gracefully. I take out my pen and I write my dedication “Shri Guruju, thank you for the inspiration to explore the world of manifesting, Namaste”.

The Divine Sound for Creation

Having witnessed the profound effects of this technique Dyer said: “Meditation is now a regular part of my daily life. I use it in a wide variety of ways and find that small miracles show up whenever I use these divine sounds; by continually chanting God’s name. I find that I can participate directly in the act of creating and manifesting.

His final words on this special sound: “Deep within me I know that all of us are divine because we come from the Divine. And I also know that when we fully align ourselves with our original nature, we are one with the creative source of the Universe and we therefore gain all of the same powers as the creator”.


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