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Dr. Pillai gives valuable insight into the power of the Brzee mantra and its ability to bring you both material and spiritual abundance.



The Power of BRZEE

There is one sound which will give both material and spiritual wealth. That sound is Brzee. It has the power to bring more light into the system and give you direction.

We have around thirty thoughts per minute, but we do not need them all. A lot of time and energy is wasted flitting from one thought to another in a bid to seek direction. We have no idea which thoughts will work and which ones won’t.

For guidance we should turn to divine light.


Why Are Some People More Successful Than Others?

People come to me and say, “I am more intelligent than this person, but he is more successful. I have read more than he has; my strategies are better, but he doesn’t do anything. I work very hard day in and day out and nothing changes.”

These people have acquired a form of good karma from a previous reincarnation. They were brought to this Earth plane with the support of divine light. That is why they appear to do very little and achieve a lot!


Where Is The Light?

The light is beyond intellectual comprehension. It is embedded within Brzee and can bring forth great things.

Vishwamitra spent twelve hundred years creating this sound which will uplift humanity. When used with faith and dedication, it will deliver both spiritual and material power and success.


Power Based On Love

Brzee will give you total faith. It has miraculous power. Twelve hundred years of meditative energy is packed into this one sound. Whenever you are in trouble, just chant the mantra and you will find an answer.

I am the man who transmits the sound, but the mantra belongs to Saint Vishwamitra, whose name means, ‘friend of the people.’ He is a friend because he sought this sound for us in order to help us.

Brzee will help you to accomplish things—things that you cannot accomplish through the use of your mind.

— Dr. Pillai


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