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Dr. Pillai: “What stands between you and God is your humanness, which is ignorance. Humanness is pervaded by the inability to know the nature of reality.

Senses and ego compress your reality so that you depend on your mind, senses, and ego. Human life is a battle with the innate ignorance of the limited human soul tainted by karma gathered through several births. Karma and Maya come and control everyone.

I am here to teach you that you are literally God, which means that you have all the powers of all Gods. I am simply here to guide you until such time that you realize the truth in your body, mind, and activities.

There is nothing that is not occupied by Angels or powerful Beings. And once you open up to them, you will see those Angels will come and speak to you in the ears or internally and you will be possessed by it.” 

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Being unlimited means to become God, who is unlimited. Discover how to live the Divine mind through the science of delimitation in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022 program. Those interested in enrolling in Mystery School 2022 will also have an opportunity to participate in Dr. Pillai’s 6-week Pentecostal Program, starting June 5th, on Pentecostal Day.

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