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guardian angel

Dr. Pillai: “Angels for human beings are an absolute necessity because they have no body. They are energy. When you have a body, you have a sugar-based intelligence caught up in words and language, but they have no such restrictions. Without the body you are (when you are evolved) you become an angel. And I am using the word Angel not as a technical term. They are Beings, they are willing to help you. In every atom, there is an Angel, every subatomic particle, there is an Angel, there is a Being.  

There is nothing that is not occupied by the Angels or powerful Beings. And once you open up to them, you will see those Angels will come and speak to you in the ears or internally, and you will be possessed by it. And there are dark beings as well, which we will talk about in the next webinar. Whether you believe it or not, Angels do exist. And if you believe, it is even better if you have faith as belief and faith are different. Belief is lower, faith is higher. Jesus said, if you have faith, you can move mountains. You do not have to have too much faith. Faith is like a mustard seed, they can move mountains, you do not have to move mountains. And it is now impossible for you to think of a few $100,000 because of your ignorance and conditioning by human intelligence and consensus on this reality. Consensus reality is a mediocre reality where most other people are suffering because of consensus reality. Those who got out of the box thinking and living that then there is all kinds of support. God is in you, out of you, and around you. 

There are Angels: Shreem Brzee is an Angel, the Angel of Wealth. Believe in Shreem Brzee, have faith in Shreem Brzee – not in the product. It is something like the priest in a temple. And he does not believe in Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth of that matter of Gods and Goddesses. But who does he believe? The donors. The priests believe more in the donors’ money than in God. It is not that you have to because you are conditioned, I am not criticizing. You have to because we are victims to our own ignorance, our own consensus reality. We do not get out of the consensus reality box. Get out of that box and then embrace. And some evangelists say, the phone rings, and I will ask God, can he answer this phone? If God or Angels, any Angel, there are so many, I call them archetypes also. There are archetypes. There are so many archetypes I have taught and these are Angels. And how do we make them come alive? I have spoken about two methodologies. Pouring milk over the statue and so forth and orange juice and the science behind it. I call that ceremonious hydration. You know how you hydrate, you bring hydrogen to it. 

We Are Not Biological Beings 

Our destiny is to become light beings, Angels ourselves. And that is a greater opportunity than to become a billionaire. We are not biological beings, that is a wrong identity. The experience you have when you die, the scriptures say, ‘Oh! Your soul separates from your body and then your soul looks at the body, oh my god! This dead body, I was thinking of this body as the only identity I have.’ Our identity is to have nice clothes, going to movies and chit-chatting, and never even thinking about God or Angels. And that is about 99.9% of peoples’ lives. This is the time that all these bad things are happening and they are going to increase until people awaken themselves, particularly scientists, technologies, governments, they all have to realize that, how limited we are, and how fragile we are, how one nuclear bomb will finish all of us, while still we are in good shape in the living in the body, we have to change.

How To Connect With These Beings

The next Mystery School teaching is going to be how to connect with these Beings, how to talk to them, what the technology is behind it, how often they are present, how to recognize when they are, and how to stay away from, control, or even destroy demons. Jesus lived a life like that. He healed people because they were demons who created the disease in the Bible even today. The semantics have changed. A disease is induced into the system by the demons and then each demon will take care of a particular part of the body and ruin it. Just giving medicine is one way of dealing with it on a physical level. But fundamentally what is behind the cause for the disease is the demon. There is negativity within you and the demon is out there. That is the topic that I will talk about in the next webinar. 

What we are going to do in the Angelic part is how you can contact them. You can read the literature. Even to say the name, all these things will impact your life in a dramatic way to be in touch with Angels. The Angels can do better because they know better and are not restricted by matter the way we are. We are completely stuck in this physical body, the identity never leaves out of this body, and to have our social consciousness jump out of it is one of the major focuses that I will do in the upcoming Mystery School program. This is my brief introduction of how you can live guided by the Angels, and why you need the Angels because they can help you, they are around you, but you are not able to know them, see them, talk to them, and ask for their help and live with the guidance of your guardian angels. 

Guardian angels are more real than your friends and family members because human beings are limited. They are their own problems. The Angels do not have any problems, they do not have any time. They are not limited by time so they can do things for you instantaneously if they want to. 

That is a new way of living life. That will be the way we live during the upcoming Satya Yuga and that was initially Jesus’ purpose of coming to the earth plane. “Thy kingdom come to this earth plane as it is in Heaven.” In Heaven, there is no such thing, there is no old age, there is no disappointment, there is no failure, you have only joy and that is the definition of an Angel. And they will protect you and eventually you will become Angels, then beyond Angels, you will become Gods.The hierarchy only goes up from there. That is going to be the purpose of using Angels: to enrich your material life here with the help of non-physical beings, and also infuse every cell with an Angelic Consciousness. That will be the year-long course among other things. But one main purpose is to incorporate God into your system.”

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