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How To Improve Your Spiritual Health

What is Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is the art of experiencing peace with yourself and your Life. It is the state where you will be able to find hope and comfort even during the most challenging times of Life. 

Spiritual Health is the search for meaning and purpose in human existence and striving for a state of harmony with oneself and others.

Being spiritually healthy will help you face the world with determination and manage whatever comes your way. Spiritual health is as important as physical and mental health. Staying spiritually healthy will improve your physical and psychological health.

Path to Spiritual Health

The path to spiritual health involves meditation, prayer, philanthropy, or specific spiritual practices that help you connect to a higher power or a belief system. Yoga and meditation can aid be spiritually healthy. 

Factors influencing the spiritual health

The Spiritual Health of a person is influenced by three components, namely: religion, individual, and society.

Tips to boost your spiritual health through religion

Visiting powerful temples (power spots) boosts your spiritual health. There are ancient temples that were built hundreds of years ago. When you visit those temples, you will feel a spiritual vibe and undergo spiritual progress.

  1. Your bad karma will negatively impact your spiritual health and create problems. Going to temples will reduce the effect of your karma.
  2. Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Yoga, Nama Japa, and Sandhya Vandana are some religious practices that cultivate spiritual discipline. They help you to be organized and add positivity to your day.
  3. Reading religious literature teaches good values and shows you the right direction in Life. You could dedicate a few minutes daily and read some passages or verses of the religious literature. You can choose any sacred book depending on your choice.

Individual qualities that boost your spiritual health

  1. Staying truthful is an important quality that will improve your spiritual health. You have to be honest with yourself and others. Initially, it will be tough to practice truthfulness, but gradually you will succeed.
  2. Fear also affects your spiritual health; it is essential to reduce your anxiety and fear about Life and live with complete faith in yourself and God. As Shri Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, perform your duty and stop worrying about the fruits of your actions.
  3. Develop a sense of gratitude, thank God, nature, your family, relatives, friends, relatives, and neighbors for contributing to your Life. each one impacts your Life in different ways. 
  4. Learn to stay calm and don’t lose your composure even during turbulent times. Keep saying ‘All is well” inside you, and remember that everything shall pass away.

How society influences your spiritual health

  1. Community plays a significant role in developing an individual, and it can make or break a person.
  2. A society is a mix of good and evil, and it is up to you to focus on the good and learn from it.
  3. Establish contact with people who would create a positive impact on you and shun people with pessimistic tendencies.
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