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Dr. Pillai: “The core program, methodology, and theory of the next Mystery School program is to delimit yourself.

Step 1: Know what is destroying you

The demon is the one that is destroying you minute by minute. And you have to become aware of it and cast off the demons of negativity, of limitation. Demon is a limitation.

Step 2: Realize that you are responsible

The best realization one can have is to say ‘I am negative and that is the reason why I am not succeeding in life.’  The moment you blame somebody else, there is something deeply wrong with you.

You are responsible for disease, you are responsible for your poverty, and not having any relationship in your life. All of them are due to negativity, which I call demons. Otherwise you are immortal.

Step 3: Cast off the demons

Visualize a blue light on the throat. That will cast off demons, diseases, poverty, all kinds of things that you do not like in your life.”


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Learn more about how to delimit yourself in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022

“Nothing fascinates my limited human mind more than the science of delimitation. Right now the human rational mind and the all-knowing Divine Mind are mixed up and localized in different parts of the brain. Neurotransmitters, hormones, amino acids, chromosomes, nucleotides all need to be studied to delimit the body and the mind. This is how we can create a new race of human beings without limitations.”   

– Dr. Pillai 


Discover how to live the Divine mind through the science of delimitation in Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022 program.

Those interested in enrolling in Mystery School 2022 will also receive the chance to participate in Dr. Pillai’s 6-week Pentecostal Initiation Program, which begins on Pentecost Day, June 5th.

Join Dr. Pillai this Sunday, May 29, at 9 am PDT for the next live event in the free Mystery School Series: Prepare for an Anointing into the Golden Age.


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