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Money and God


“It is important to have a proper and cordial relationship with money. The more you love money, the more you will have it. Look at the examples of the world’s richest people. They all have one thing in common – unlimited love for money.

Money and God are not the opposites. Unfortunately, the common perception is that way. You have to understand that God is an unlimited being/concept. If you accept the being/concept and embrace it, you will become one with God. 

I have come here to correct the dichotomy between God by solving the misunderstanding of the enmity between God and money.” 

– Dr. Pillai


Watch Dr. Pillai’s Full Message 


Explore the Mystery School 2022 Full Syllabus

Enroll by July 5 to Receive the Dr. Pillai’s Pentecostal Anointing as a Free Gift and a prelude to the Mystery School 


Dr. Pillai’s year-long Mystery School program is unlike any other.  Each component has been carefully selected to open pathways to deeper levels of consciousness and higher vibrations of Divine Light. 

Module I: Creating the Divine Mind using the Science of Delimitation
Module II: Accessing the Abundance of Unlimited Existence
Module III: Thought Experiments for God Consciousness and Manifestation
Module IV: Awaken Siddhi/Supernormal Powers
Module V: Angels and Demons Within and Without
Module VI: This module is yet to be revealed




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