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Benefits of worshipping Shiva 2

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the major gods of Hinduism. His worship has existed for thousands of years. The seals excavated at 10000 years old Mohenjadaro – Harappan civilization sites have the image of Shiva engraved on them. The glory of Shiva is mentioned in the Veda and Upanishads.

Shiva’s worship is known as Saivism and is one of the six worships of Hinduism. Goddess Parvathi or Sakthi is the consort of Shiva; she too is widely worshipped along with him. Lord Ganesha and Lord Subramanya are their children.


The Specialty of Lord Shiva

Along with Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva is one of the Trimurthi (the three important Hindu male deities). Shiva is said to be in charge of the act of destruction. At the time of destruction, he swallows everything in this universe.

Lord Shiva is very simple; he does not wear costly ornaments or attires. His dress is made of dead tiger and elephant skin. He wears rudraksha beads, and snakes adorn his body. Shiva has four hands and three eyes. He holds fire and a deer in his upper hands and carries a Trishul and damaru in his lower hands. His third eye signifying divine knowledge and power, is between the eyebrows. 

Lord Shiva is very simple; he loves his devotees and those who are innocent and pure-hearted. Shiva’s worship will benefit immensely; he bestows spiritual and material boons to his worshippers. 

How To Worship Shiva

In temples, Shiva’s worship is as per the Agamas, the sacred texts containing the principles of prayer. Shiva is worshipped in the form of Linga. The size, shape, and color of the Lingas differ from one temple to another.

You can keep a small linga or his portrait for your worship at home. Milk, fruits, and honey are ideal to be offered for Shiva. Above all, a pure mind is the one that satisfies Shiva the most, so be sure to maintain a pure mind and body while worshipping Shiva.


The Benefits of worshipping Shiva

Worship of Shiva will bestow several benefits upon the devotees.

  1. Mental Peace: Shiva is the God of meditation. He is hailed as the Adi Yogi, the first and foremost yogi. Worship of Shiva will reduce your anxiety and give you mental peace.
  2. Knowledge: Dakshinamurthy is a popular form of Shiva. He is the embodiment of knowledge and bliss. Worshipping Dakshinamurthy shall free you from ignorance and help you realize the real meaning of the scriptures.
  3. Freedom fear: Shiva took the form of Kal Bhairav and Veerabhadra to dispel fear and establish righteousness. Worship of the Kal Bhairav and Veerabhadra forms of Shiva shall eliminate fear and enemy troubles.
  4. Marriage and progeny: Shiva is an ideal householder. He gave half of his body to his wife, Parvathi. The sons of Shiva, Ganesha, and Kartikeya are sharp-minded and are great warriors. Shiva’s worship shall bless you with a good life partner and children.
  5. Mastery in arts: Shiva is a great dancer; his Nataraja form is the icon of Bharatanatya, the foremost classical dance of India. Shiva is fond of music and singing. Several artists invoke him before starting their training in dance and music. 
  6. Liberation: Shiva is the destructor of ego, the root of all evils. He bestows moksha (liberation) to the yearning souls. Shiva’s worship prevents rebirth and helps you escape the cycle of birth and death.
  7. Wealth: Many are under the notion that Shiva does not bestow material boons upon his devotees; they are utterly wrong. Shiva blesses his devotees with both spiritual and material boons. Regular worship of Shiva helps you to earn wealth and attain fame.


Somvaar (Mondays) are ideal for worshiping Shiva. Pradosham, monthly Shivaratri, and Maha Shivaratri are his important power times. At Pillai Center, we conduct regular events during Pradosham and a grand event during Maha Shivaratri. Refer to our website to know more about the Shiva puja procedure and the sacred mantras of Shiva.


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