What to Do on Ganesha’s Birthday

Change Your Destiny During #1 Divine Birthday of the Year

Starting on September 9, 2021

Vinayaka Chaturti


“Ganesha is responsible, or endowed, with the ability to remove karma, especially on his Birthday. He gives it as a gift to people.” – Dr. Pillai 


The #1 Divine Birthday of 2021 is just days away, starting on September 9 in the US.

Ganesha’s Birthday is considered to be the premier destiny-changing time of the year. There are several different things you can do during this powertime to help reap the once-a-year rewards:


Smash a Coconut

Dr. Pillai teaches that Ganesha is the God who discovered coconut technology. It is one of the rituals very closely associated with his worship, and is performed to smash bad karma.

“I have made it very clear in many of my teachings that if you break coconuts, then you will be able to change your destiny. Just roll the coconut on your head and shoulders and these coconuts will absorb the negative karma. As a result, after the coconuts are broken, your karma will be, if not totally gone, sufficiently dissolved. I have seen that result in most people’s cases. So we are going to do it as part of Ganesha’s Birthday here (in India).” – Dr. Pillai


Chant & Meditate

Dr. Pillai teaches that the sounds for Ganesha have the power to birth his consciousness within your own. Dr. Pillai has given the mantra OM GUM and two meditations for this year’s invocations. Click here to download them, and receive access to the chanting challenge livestreams.



Dr. Pillai teaches that it is important to develop a personal relationship with Divine beings, and ask for their help. He has guided students to pray every hour, and also to write their prayers down as if they are writing a letter to the Divine being. Request what you would like to manifest in your life beginning on Ganesha’s birthday, and ask for him to intervene. Do this with your emotions to make the prayers more powerful.


Receive Initiation

Dr. Pillai is offering several NEW initiations in honor of Ganesha’s birthday this year including:


Dr. Pillai’s Ganesha Birthday Live Initiation & Fire Lab – September 9

Join a special fire ceremony conducted by Dr. Pillai himself. He will invoke several forms of Ganesha to bless participants and the world. You will have an opportunity to be initiated into their mantras.


Second to None Ganesha Initiation – September 9

Dr. Pillai will transmit initiations to embody the power of a special, primordial form of Ganesha who is in charge of the preeminence principle. This form of Ganesha sits on top of the entire Divine hierarchy. Dr. Pillai teaches that he can make you number one in life, helping you smash low self-esteem and mediocrity.


Instant Manifestation Ganesha Initiation – September 9

Dr. Pillai will deliver initiations to embody a special form of Ganesha who is in charge of the time/space principle. He is the Ganesha that everyone goes to for getting things accomplished without delays. Dr. Pillai teaches that this form of Ganesha can compress time to manifest instantaneously.


NEW Golden Ganesha Initiation – September 19

Dr. Pillai will channel and initiate you into the power of the Golden Ganesha named Heramba Ganapati—a special form of Ganesha who specializes in giving outrageous wealth.


Airing Live Beginning on Sep. 9




Wishing you a blessed Ganesha Birthday.