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Nobody likes to be defeated and we try to come out of situations with the best possible outcome.

This week and until September 4 EDT, Mars– planet of discipline, courage, energy and action–will be in Libra with Saturn.

So imagine two inimical superpowers sharing a bed and breakfast. Add to that that they’ll also work together.

To understand the Libra environment we can think of relationships and connections with other adults regarding business or social life. Also, Venus–who favors our interests in the arts and beauty and even good manners–rules Libra.

However, Saturn and Mars are famously undiplomatic, the former shoving you into a grueling work routine that requires much perseverance, the latter pushing you to win a soccer match or beat your friends in a friendly baseball game.

Here are some ideas to sail peacefully through these transits and win a match or two in delicate situations.

  • Listen to exalted (or beneficial) Saturn. He does not take ‘no’ for an answer. If you have 10 hours worth of office work to prepare for the next day and you finish it on time, Saturn will reward you for years to come.

  • Mars will want to defend its principles both at work and home, which is fine if you can remember how to stand up for yourself with courtesy and soft tones. So, we need to exercise self-discipline and remember that while no one can make us do the unacceptable, we don’t really need to shout about it.

  • Just once, let someone else win and compromise on something dear to you. The peace of mind and compassionate feelings that will follow are well worth the second place.

  • Use some sound vibrations daily, before interacting with partners and colleagues. The following are powerful sound carries the energy of the Goddess and can defuse anger: KLEEM (108 or 27 times)

  • Hit the gym more often to release unnecessary tension and pent-up energy. You will also look better as a result.

  • Take some time to meditate everyday. If you don’t have your personal meditation technique, simply sit in quiet place and close your eyes. Use a timer so you’re not worried about time. Mentally observe your breath going in and out of your nostrils. When thoughts come, gently return your attention to the breath.

Enjoy the energies!





by Lalitha Devi



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