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The Sundays with Sucharita Call on July 20th is rescheduled for Sunday, July 27th. You are warmly welcomed to join Dr. Pillai’s free LIVE Hangout on Timeline Jumping at 11:00 a.m. EDT on Sunday, July 20th. Join the Hangout  HERE and learn more about how to jump into a new reality!

Immediately following, Dr. Pillai will present a LIVE bonus Guru Purnima Call. If you purchased the Guru Purnima call two weeks ago, look in your email inbox for details on how to join – it’s free for you. If you missed it, this is your chance to purchase the replay of the July 11th initiation and attend the LIVE bonus call on July 20th. Learn more HERE.

In place of this week’s call, enjoy listening to a NEW Vedic Astrology Update to learn about the current Sun in Cancer transit plus this week’s power days. Click Here to Download.

As you know, each month the Sun transits into a new sign and powers it up. On July 16th, the Sun moved into Cancer, the most nurturing and emotionally sensitive of the signs. Cancer, known as Karkata in Sanskrit, is a watery sign symbolized by a crab. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is associated with our mind, emotions, and also with Goddess Energy.

The Sun symbolizes our soul, activity, and royalty consciousness. The Sun is the King, and the Moon is the Queen. During this transit, the King is staying in the Queen’s chambers and giving her his undivided attention. This leads to a powerful increase in the Goddess energy available. Goddess energy is essential for manifesting, relationships, happiness, and prosperity. In fact, Goddess energy, or Shakti, is the dynamic force that activates the entire universe.

Because the Sun is not completely comfortable in Cancer, it is possible that this transit could bring up some fear, worry, anger, or laziness. Emotions may be especially active. The remedy to avoid this is to honor the Goddess, especially on Fridays this month. Astroved.com notes that prayers to the Goddess on these “Aadi Fridays” will be very powerful for career upliftment, relationship with boss, health, and well-being. Honor the Goddess at home with mantras, prayers and offerings, or join Astroved’s Aadi Velli Rituals to be performed at Goddess Temples.

Jupiter, the 200% Planet (100% material and 100% spiritual) is also transiting Cancer. Since Jupiter is exalted and at maximum power, he will amplify the energy and blessings available.

On Sunday, July 20th, four months of Saturn’s retrograde motion end, and Saturn goes direct in Libra. Take advantage of the last 105 days when Saturn will be exalted. Obstacles can be dissolved and more forward progress accomplished, especially in the area of career. Learn how to honor Saturn at home on Saturdays HERE.

Pradosham occurs this Wednesday, July 23rd through most of Thursday, July 24th in North America. This is the window of opportunity to remove more karma. When pradosham falls on a Thursday, it is called “Guru Pradosham”, and it is possible to have curses from gurus, educators, mentors, and elders dissolved. One and a half hours around sunset, pour milk, water, and juice on a siva linga as you chant “Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivayanama”. Visualize blue light in your throat and pray for your karmas to be dissolved. To remove more karma, you can roll a lime or coconut on your throat, head and shoulders while chanting the mantra. Then cut the lime or break the coconut and throw it away.

One of the three most powerful New Moons of the year for honoring your ancestors, Aadi Amavasya, will take place the afternoon of Friday, July 25th and into Saturday, July 26th. Performing simple but heartfelt prayers to your ancestors as you offer them tarpanam will empower them to cross over into the light, be healed, and send you blessings. “How to Do Ancestor Offering Tarpanam” on YouTube shows you how easy it is.

Enjoy the energies!


Sundays with Sucharita Support Team Member

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