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Dr. Pillai designed the complete curriculum for Karma Busting!

  • 22 Sacred Dips in the Sin Dissolving pools of Rameshwaram
  • 6 Fire Labs Invoking the right Divine Archetypes to Design your Perfect Life.
  • Meditations & Teachings direct from a Living Enlightened Spiritual Master

NOW through the Spiritual Science of Yantras, Dr. Pillai’s blessings are available to anyone, anywhere!

In his latest message, Dr. Pillai’s describes this miraculous technology and how we’ll utilize it to ensure maximum benefits for You!

Dr. Pillai Speaks On …

~ Total Evolution of the Body and Mind to LIGHT

~ Utilizing Alien Technology to Accelerate Human Understanding, Science, and Technology

~ Making Religion relevant in our Contemporary and Modern Society

… and more abut the Spiritual Science of Yantras

A specially designed Yantra, inscribed with your unique astrological natal chart is your ticket to ALL of the KARMA DISSOLVING power of Dr. Pillai’s 2014 Birthday Trip … from home.



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