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Machines are an integral part of 21st living. The refrigerator, the automobile, the cellphone…

It’s hard to imagine living without access to these things.

Machines allow us to do things faster, better, and with less effort.

We can travel and communicate great distances in little time, and even prolong life thanks to modern-day machines.

Ancient Yogic Technology


Although machines seem to be synonymous with modern-culture, in fact the concept of machines is not a new one. Dr. Pillai revealed in his Ultimate Teachings Program recently:

“The machine is a concept that was known to the Vedic seers and the tantric seers and the yogis. And what is that machine? The machine is called a yantra.”

A Yantra a machine? How?

Just like modern-machines, Yantras too work with electricity. This is why they were made using copper. They too have mechanisms. The geometric forms and symbols work together to attract, store, and transmit specific energies.

Although Yantras seem simple and basic to the modern-eye, they are in fact highly-sophisticated devices. They are consciousness machines which, just like modern-day machines, were designed to do things faster, better, and with less effort. According to the scriptures, they too can work 24/7 once they are “turned on.”


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