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Pillai Center Licensing Program For Spiritual Entrepreneurs – Do What You Love, Make a Difference, Get Rewarded Introducing the Pillai Center Licensing Program Do you desire to make a living doing something you love, and leave that unfulfilling job behind? Do you dream of making money...
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48-Day Saturn Transit Remedy Program

The karmic planet Saturn has transited to its own sign Aquarius after 30 years, when Saturn’s power position as King of Planets in 2022 can amplify his influence during this short transit period. Aquarius, the house of transformation, is Saturn’s Mool Trikona Sign which can...
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Great Night of Shiva

Great Night of Shiva Great Night of Shiva One-Night Vigil Equal to a Million Years of Meditation LIVE: February 24, 2017 (IST) Join our Power Ceremonies for THE GREAT NIGHT OF SHIVA Sign Up SEEK ENLIGHTENMENT & A PROSPEROUS LIFE FREE FROM DEBT & DISEASE...
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Remove Negativity & Dark Forces

Your participation and sincere prayers during the Chandi Fire Lab can create a divine invincible protective shield against negative energies in your life. Open your heart, mind, and soul to receive the negativity-clearing energy of Goddess Chandi.
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Why Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Call was Special

"I am born again in the truest sense of the words, born again in God. If you cooperate with me, then you will be born again too.You can choose to be different. We don't understand the strength that is within us.
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Midbrain Tapping

Dr. Pillai’s Midbrain-Tap Technology Dr. Pillai’s Midbrain-Tap Technology Tap into Deep Silence and Thought-Manifestation with Midbrain-Tap Technology Sign Up for Instant Access to the Core Technique Click For Technique Get the Technique That Can: Suppress negative thoughts Enhance creativity and production Enhance ability to manifest...
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