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New Years Remedies 2018

New Years Remedies 2018 | Dr. Pillai Declares 2018 the Year of Shreem Brzee Celebrate with 3-Day Grand New Year Ceremonies to Clear Your Karmic Debts and Make Way for Prosperity “Basically, a money problem is a karmic problem, and it has to be addressed...
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Personalised Predictions Report

MAKE 2018 YOUR BEST YEAR WITH ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS & REMEDIAL RITUALS Your Essential 2018 Predictions & Personalized Remedial Rituals (2 Sacred Fire Labs + Special Pooja for 12 months) 10% Early Bird Offer + 15-Day Preparatory Bonus Rituals Register before 6:00 pm on Nov.15, 2017...
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Power Bestower Ceremony – LIVE on Nov. 27, 2017 at 7:00 am (IST)

On Nov.27th, AstroVed will be performing an exclusive 4-Priest grand fire ceremony invoking the supremely glorious Goddess Mangalambika, the authority of mantras, for her blessings to gain invincible power. According to scriptures, the Goddess also known as Mangala Nayaki (the one who confers auspiciousness) is...
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Remove Curses

ASTROVED SPONSORS GRAND CEREMONIES FOR 5 DEITIES IN THE SACRED CAUVERY RIVERBANK Vedic Ceremonies to Get Rid of Curses and All Types of Sins Panchamoorthy Purappadu: Divine Procession and Holy bath of Panchamoorthy (5 Deities) on the last day when Sun is in Libra Ceremony...
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