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4-in-1 Ganesha Program For New Beginnings in 2021

As a prelude to Pillai Center's Grand Ganesha Chaturthi Ceremonies, Dr. Pillai sends you a personal invitation and special message for the birthday of Ganesha. He introduces four new programs commencing from the auspicious day of Ganesha’s Birthday to empower 4 key areas of your...
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Introducing: Pillai Center Month For New Beginnings

SHOP SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS ON OUR SELECT SERVICES For Your Happiness, Health, Prosperity, and Ongoing Success Up to – 30% OFF ‘Customer Appreciation Month’ for New Beginnings September is the month of Ganesha’s birthday blessings for new beginnings. We are celebrating September as ‘Customer Appreciation Month’...
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Goddess India Trip

For Nine Nights of the Goddess 2019 Join Dr. Pillai for an Exclusive Temple Retreat in India to Commune with the Goddess of Supernormal Powers Learn the Dynamics of Channeling Angali, Karuppasamy, Siddhas, the Holy Spirit & Mother Mary October 1 – 8 Click Here...
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