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If you’ve been waiting for cosmic or divine support for ending your problems, suffering and misfortunes—here it is.

Dr. Pillai is about to offer a life-changing program to celebrate the births of two divine and all-protective beings, who can turn your life around and make it the purposeful and joyful experience you deserve.

Time for a Great Opportunity

Two upcoming days, December 25 and 26, are very important time periods that we should use intelligently and for our own benefit.

“We often don’t take time seriously.

“But time is everything. Time lost is opportunity lost and life lost.


“The ancient Siddhas of India gave tremendous importance to time—because everything happens in relation to time and space, which affect our human life.

“Going forward we should pay attention to time.

The Birth of Two Great Beings

“The two days I mentioned are very important. The 25th of December is Jesus’ birthday. Although astronomically this may not be the actual birthday, in the consciousness of many human beings this is the actual day of Jesus’ birth.

“This fact makes this day relevant, because what is largely considered fact by people becomes a reality for most.


“For all practical purposes, this is Jesus’s birthday. I have a picture of Jesus on my altar.

“The 26th is supposed to be the birthday of Lord Siva. 1

“It’s important to know both these days’ significance and their teachings, as they are very, very important for all of us.


“It’s also important to remember that Jesus said very clearly: “I’m going to leave, because I came here just to do some work.

“He also said that being on the earth plane and being caught in the body made it very difficult to do much. ‘I am going to send the Holy Spirit, who will do a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do,’ he said.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

“So this is a time for reflecting on the Holy Spirit and on what happened on the Pentecost.

“Who is really the Holy Spirit? How can we understand the Holy Spirit? It’s very important to reflect on these themes on the birthday of Christ.

“Additionally, we should take into consideration Jesus’ observations about the body and the Last Supper, and the teachings associated with them.

“On the 26th of December, there will be another presentation that I will do, or it will be pre-recorded, on the importance of Lord Siva’s birthday. This is something unique, because he was born in the star Arudra.

“Astronomically speaking, you’ll see the Sun and the Moon in opposition. The Sun is in Moola star in Sagittarius—a galactic point that is in the center of the Milky Way. The Moon will be in Gemini in the star Arudra.

“These factors mean this is a time of renewal.


You don’t want to miss this time for recreating yourself.

“The galaxy has a lot of impact on us. We are a microcosm and our body, mind, DNA and everything else will be affected on this day.


“So that is the beauty of these two traditions that have kept their festivals alive.

“Both the religious calendars of Judaism and Hinduism are very important. They are astronomically based and carry a message to humanity: ‘Change your body, mind, and soul.’

“So on this day, I’ll teach you what Shiva has to offer, particularly regarding the transformation of your body, mind, and soul. God bless.”

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