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As most around the world are hoping for a better year and more success in 2016, many are already identifying their New Year’s resolutions and goals.

In synchrony with your desire for a new and happier life, Dr. Pillai has revealed a faster and optimized way of accomplishing it all through a new paradigm for your success. You’ll learn even more in his “Rewrite Your Destiny in 2016 program on December 31.

Humanity must take a quick leap into finding a new paradigm of acquiring knowledge, because the old paradigm is taking too long and we are getting old.

A New Paradigm

The new paradigm is already available within the traditions cherished by ancient people around the world, particularly in India.

“Those populations had a different knowledge and an untaught intelligence.

“To illustrate this process, here’s my favorite example: you go to Google Search to get some information on a certain topic. You have millions of entries and you must go through them patiently. This is time-consuming.

“Is it then possible to make the information you want show up in a mysterious way? Yes, it is!

It means that now you have a time-based, linear, pros-and-cons, cause-and-effect approach versus the spontaneous, on-demand appearance of the data you want.

“This seems very philosophical and impossible to conceive, because we’ve only been working in the realm of linear, rationalistic paradigms.

Instantaneous Intuitive and Non-Linear Knowledge2

“Quantum physics is now picking up theories such as ‘non-local awareness’ and the ‘uncertainty principle’ of Heisenberg. So we are now able to conceive philosophical notions that are physically verifiable.

You can go into the nuclear levels of your own consciousness. Your thought process will become very, very subtle at the level of intuition. So you’ll go from reason to intuition.

That intuition will be revelatory.

“This is also what Einstein said, because he made all his discoveries through intuition and not through a rationalistic process.

“This is something that everybody can do.

Imagine for example, you want to know about nucleotides. Then you can narrow it down to nitrogen and then want to know about that, too.

“But you can refine the thought process from the mind level or gross thinking level to subtler levels.

“Then you can go beyond the meaning levels. The classifications of these levels can be found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: dharana, dhyana, samadhi.

There are also other classifications such as madhyama, vaisanti and vaak or para vaak.

These are all very minute levels of cognition. When you access these levels, you can find what you want in a miraculous way, because you are using the nuclear mind, or as I call it the ‘particle mind’.

That’s how the yogis were able to know things without having to labor.

So science must incorporate that to create a new paradigm. I’m very passionate about it. I just put out this video so that people can learn this and experiment with it. God bless.

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