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Can you imagine the following scenario?

You’re running for the Olympic gold. You’re qualified for it, extensively trained and determined to do it. In a dash, you’re about to cross the finish line!

But in a sudden desire to be nice to the runner behind you, you step aside and let her win. Weird? Definitely.

Mars—the planet of action, energy, competition, discipline, courage, martial arts, power yoga and defense—is crossing Libra, a sign of relationship harmony, design and diplomacy.

So Mars is clearly out of his element in this sign of Venus. This Red Planet wants to win and Libra seeks getting along with others.

Plus, Mars is decisive, Libra eternally undecided. Mars is naughty, Libra is nice.

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, former U.K. Prime Minister, nicknamed the Iron Lady, “If you just set out to be liked, you would achieve nothing.”

So here’s for you an actionable shift to enjoy Mars in this Venusian territory and still get to the bottom of your to-do list.

Design and Embellish

You can now take action and use your energy to improve your designs, polish your manners, go easy in an argument, compromise on your decisions and beautify your home with the help of Mars.

This is a planet ruling real estate and engineering—these professions can now benefit from more creative and beautiful designs.

Speed to Post-Holiday Fitness

To get back in shape after holiday parting, eating and drinking, major action is needed. Mars will now help you suit up—in nice athletic clothes—and show up at the gym or on your yoga mat to tone your body and bring you additional strength. Whether you run, walk or dance to your newly fit self, Mars will give the necessary stamina.

Fire Beats Laziness and Brings You VictoryMIDDLE-Mars-in-Libra

Mars is fiery and hot, sexy and motivated, but it loses both determination and motivation from Libra.

You will need divine support to stay disciplined.

Fire Labs and mantra chanting are—in order of effectiveness—major tools to build a happy life filled with strength and courageous action.

Hanuman is one of the two overlords of Mars. This monkey-faced celestial being can use his well-known super powers to end your struggles.

He can even destroy the notion of impossibility to reward all your actions with success and victory.

Fire Ritual to Hanuman

Sounds for Mars

Reciting OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times daily will help you access Mars to pray for help in staying disciplined and focused in your tasks.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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