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This is the time to set your intentions for 2016! Write down your goals. You may want to start a Vision Board so you can be reminded daily of what your intentions are for the New Year. The more you state your intentions, the quicker they will manifest.

Dr. Pillai’s Daily Quote for December 27, 2015:

“It is not a wise idea to ask for a billion dollars. Just ask for a disease-free body which is a light body. But then ask for everything that is needed to keep the body and soul together and for that you need money.”

Dr. Pillai will be airing a special 2-hour New Year’s Webcast. The New Year’s Webcast will also include:

• a 3-hour Shreem Brzee Immersion Call

• LIVE interactive Ganesha Fire Lab to remove obstacles

Lakshmi Fire Lab for prosperity

We all need more divinity in all areas of our life – health, finances, relationships, and this webcast is going to be addressing all those areas and will give us the energy to push us through the difficult spots on our journey.

Sucharita reminded us that this is the time where we must commit to put God first. There are many ways to do this – by getting up earlier to meditate, by eating healthier, by being kinder to others, and by chanting and/or writing the Moola Mantra:

Om Aim Hreem

Sarva Lokaya


Shiva Sat Guru

Babaya Swaha

Enjoy Dr Pillai’s  Moola Mantra YouTube video.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.

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