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pcblog post 9-1-2015 - 5 Fixes for Planetary Bugs

Although we try to integrate the many facets of our lives and we might be overall satisfied with our lives, the truth is that at times we feel:

  • Disconnected
  • Pessimistic
  • Fragmented
  • Confused
  • Indecisive
  • Anxious
  • Tired

If one or more of the above conditions applies to you, the reason is mostly planetary. Belonging to the human family means that we are also subject to a number of emotions, influences, stimulations and negativities that we can’t simply ignore.

Planets are not just sitting there, but are major electromagnetic powerhouses sending consciousness-changing rays and vibrations to you at all times. Several planets are now in a state of stalling or confusion.

But don’t lose heart! Here comes some ancient yet science-validated knowledge from sages, yogis and Siddhas brought to us by divine grace, just when the world needs more light and inspiration. 

Read the five ways the planets might now affect you and—more important—what to do about it.

1. Physical

Everyone might now be experiencing some temporary physical symptoms due to Mars’ debilitation and Jupiter’s combustion.

Mars is feeling sluggish and so could you.

Also, because a strong Sun in Leo is very close to Jupiter, some of the good qualities of the planet of expansion and wisdom may be reduced.

Additionally, Mercury is at a very close degree with Rahu, the North lunar node. The skin may now be affected by sunburn, bug bites, or allergic reactions.


  • Keep a routine of exercise even if you are on vacation.
  • You may need to reduce running and take up gentle walks instead. The feet might be affected when Jupiter, ruler of this body part, is combust.
  • Gentle self-massage with naturally made lotions can restore well-being.
  • Protecting your skin with insect repellent made with essential oils is usually enough to prevent bug bites. But often wearing clothes made of thick fabric is necessary as well because some bugs can bite through thin fabric—as I experienced recently.

2. Mental

Overtasking is common and particularly when Mercury is in a very close conjunction with Rahu, while Saturn aspects Sun and Jupiter.

While your work projects have probably taken off fine, there is some mental unrest and a need for a proper pace.

nature walk


  • Take regular time off from your media outlets.
  • Choose an easy form of meditation: walking in nature, sitting in a quiet place with the eyes closed and gentle yoga work marvels to defuse stress.
  • Select a sacred sound and repeat it mentally to bring in auspicious and positive vibrations to your mind.
  • Go to sleep an hour earlier than usual. We underestimate this step, yet most people are simply tired and sleep deprived.

3. Emotional

 The Moon rules the emotions and the Siddha Masters tell us that relationships are an emotional job. In fact, Dr. Pillai says that relationships are 100 percent emotional.

So what to do when Venus—planet of happiness through relationships and pleasures—is retrograde and close to Mars? Happiness is a bit harder to get and irritation can occur. As a consequence our emotions will be affected, too.


  • Avoid fighting. Easier said than done when the planets are not supportive, but self-discipline can help. Take time and deep breaths if you must, but try to get along.
  • Keep the body cool if you live in a hot area due to season or geographic placement.
  • Eating a cooling food like pears and drinking coconut water or apple juice can defuse an argument, according to Ayurvedic experts.
  • Splurge on some good quality ice cream—organic and free of artificial ingredients. Sweets pacify the fire element in the body and you’ll feel more settled and content, says Ayurveda.

4. Financial

 Mercury is now strong, but close to Rahu. This can bring some fluctuations in the markets and in your cash flow.

Also both Jupiter and Venus are involved in delivering wealth.


  • Rahu likes foreign markets and people born in foreign countries. You might now want to explore investments that involve the above.
  • Think of something unusual you could sell and try to find a new niche by thinking unconventionally.
  • Maintain faith and devotion to a higher Power.

5. Spiritual

You might be feeling helpless or dejected and optimism is just not on your mind. Dr. Pillai says that negativity is stronger than positivity, so we need some help with that.

At all times, you can get help from celestial Beings and Vedic rituals.

Pick one or more of the areas that are challenging for you right now and order a specialized Fire Lab for the ruling planet.

Also, these vibrational sounds for the planetary forces that are causing you difficulties will bring in more positivity:

  • OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus)
  • OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Jupiter)
  • OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury)
  • OM RAHAVE NAMAHA (for Rahu)

Enjoy the energies!

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