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We can all dig a memory or two of an embarrassing faux pas we’d rather forget. Or we may remember a blunder committed by someone else. The news is there’s now a chance of experiencing the same because the planet of communication, Mercury, is speeding through an area of the zodiac more apt to seeking adventure and action than diplomacy or matter-of-fact speaking.

Now sweet speech may take a backseat and Mercury in Aries is likely to cause hastiness in talking and in pushing the email send button.

In fact, the planet of communication is sharing a spot with the Sun, uncontested and exalted king in Aries and Mars in full war regalia. These three planets may bring you wonderful opportunities and lots of motivation for your projects and career, no doubt. Also your self-esteem may rise to an all-time high and you could feel unstoppable.

But not so fast.

Here are five super easy tips to make the best of this planetary situation and be prepared and avoid possible troubles.

Choose silence or leave.

If at office or home words appear loaded, choose silence—it often speaks volumes. Try not to take offence when possible and react mildly. If you have to say goodbye to an impossible situation, do so calmly.

Use the delete button if you have reacted too fast in reply to another person’s rude comments. Choose the highest possible response. Of course, silently distancing yourself from someone persistently rude is a healthy response, too.

You can also repeat Mercury’s sound waves, OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA, to calm yourself and pacify this planet’s energy.

Delay your reactions.

We can’t always decide whether someone is being truly disrespectful or the person means no harm. Sometimes it’s really not personal. By waiting, you give yourself plenty of time for choosing the best possible reaction.

But by all means, speak up for yourself with cool emotions after analyzing all the facts. Later we usually congratulate ourselves for avoiding a full-blown argument.

Countdown to peace or watch your breath.

You could also count to 20 (or longer). It may seem silly or outdated, but our grandmas’ advice was both easy and effective. Counting will deflect negative thoughts like a meditation of sorts. In a tense moment, implementing this step can help you identify your true needs. Similarly, focusing on your breath is a meditation per se and it only takes seconds. Needless to say, some reactions are due to fear (or other negative emotion) and meditation can change our state of mind.

Bring yoga to your words.

Yoga and isn’t just for the mat and can be applied to our everyday interactions. One of the behavioral injunctions from Patanjali, the father of yoga, is ahimsa or nonviolence—and we know words can be cutting. Choose your words.

We always suffer for the consequences of our actions—in this or in a future life. So try gentleness or diplomacy even when others will seek power through sharp and critical language.

no fear

Be courageous.

The best outcome of Mercury’s transit in Aries is probably an increase in courage—you can now become more vocal and active in speaking up against injustice, demanding more accountability from those harming our planet and health.

The exalted Sun rules the government and exalted Jupiter delivers both divine wisdom and higher justice. So you may now get excellent results by speaking up and asking people in charge to step up.

You could be surprised at your fearlessness as you sign petitions or email your representatives asking for positive change.

Enjoy the energies!

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