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On the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, Dr. Pillai shares a special message and mantra for taking advantage of the opportunity…

earth day dr pillai 2015

It is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day.

What does it mean to us? It’s just not an environment problem. It’s not a problem on the level of economy and saving our Earth on a physical level.

To me as a spiritualist, Earth means a lot more. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Earth is not something to be considered low-class. It’s a high-class planet spiritually speaking. It is the planet that even gods come, the siddhas come here. This is the wisdom of the yogis and the siddhas.

Because [the Earth plane] has the ability to sustain and grow intelligence, gods come here seeking intelligence. The ascended masters come here seeking intelligence. This is the yogic wisdom.

But if you go and look at other traditions, other cultures, do you have the same view? Yes.

I just want to remind you that there was one time when gods and goddesses participated in the Earth plane and worked along with the human beings. In the Greek tradition and the Hindu tradition too, there was a time that gods participated in human affairs.

We go back to some controversial literature like channeled material. There is a book by Barbara Marciniak, ‘The Bringers of the Dawn’. In that book, she mentions that this Earth plane was created as a laboratory for knowledge. So we have to really understand that the Earth has a lot to offer, and the time that we are on the Earth plane is the time that we have to use consciously because every moment here on this Earth plane is precious. It can give us great learning opportunity.

The body itself is a manifestation of the Earth. The Earth and the body are one and the same. The body is sustained by food that comes from the Earth. And the body when it dies also merges with the Earth. I can talk about this for hours and hours, the significance of the body and the Earth, but I just want to be brief and mention one thing…

How can we be in touch with the Earth and the wisdom of the Earth?

There is one sound. It works just like a Boson. Just as a Boson carries knowledge of material formation, how matter can be best understood by understanding the Boson, the Earth plane can be understood by just one sound.


You will have great understanding about the wisdom of the Earth plane. Also you will know about your body and the sound will heal the diseases in the body.

It will also give you understanding about minerals and metals buried inside the Earth: platinum, gold, diamonds. Not just food comes from the Earth. Even precious metals come from the Earth. Why is gold so valuable? Gold is not only valuable here, it is valuable everywhere, in other planes also—in Heaven too. Gold can heal your body. That’s why Gold is very much used in indigenous medicines in India.

All the understanding about the Earth plane, about medicine, spirituality or environment, all knowledge is contained in one Bosonic sound of the Earth, which is BHUR.

This is my Earth Day message and I want this message to reach everyone so that just by saying a syllable for five minutes, you will have a great understanding, a great healing. And you will also acquire immense wisdom thanks to the Mother Goddess, Earth.

– Dr. Pillai

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