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Dr. Pillai explains how changing the most important aspects of your life is as simple as changing the sounds you think…


Money, Love, and God, are the most important three areas of human life. These three areas are not as challenging as they seem to be. As a matter of fact it is not difficult to get money at all.

We make it hard. Why? Because of consensus reality. Because we have been trained by the past. We live the past, the consensus reality.

It is a matter of changing your mind set, whether it is love, money, or God. If you want to see progress in all of these areas, the only one thing that needs to be done is to change your thoughts, your concepts pertaining to those areas.

If you think it is very hard to make money—and that is what I see everywhere outside in the world—then that will be the reality that you would be creating. Unfortunately that’s what happens to most people because they do not want to change their mindset.

They do not know that there is a way to change their mindset, and they don’t even realize that there is a relation between what you think and what you create.

You create what you think. Thinking fundamentally is very important because it creates your money, or lack of money. It creates your relationship, or lack of relationship. It also creates your relationship with God. All of them need to be changed, so changing the mindset is very important.

What is mind? One of the definitions of mind that I use personally is: just a bunch of sounds.

Sounds create mind. Without sounds there won’t be any conceptual thinking. And what after all is your language with which you think? Sounds.

Not long sounds, just a syllable will be able to change your reality.

When I gave this meditation with the sound AH to Wayne Dyer, I did not know the science behind it. But I knew what is behind it, because in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says, “I am the sound AH.”

What does that mean? The sound AH has omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence.

Siva, another high deity in the Hindu tradition, said, “I am AH.” Go to the Buddhist Tradition—the Buddha is AH. Other religious traditions, they all have somehow incorporated AH into their system because AH can give you omniscience.

Understanding these syllables is a matter of not only understanding your thinking, rational mind, but also getting beyond that, and creating a different mindset that will be able to give you a handle on all of these areas of life.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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