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Christmas Message

Dr. Pillai: “Why did Christ come to the Earth plane, or for that matter any Messiah from God belonging to any religion?  Why did they come? They all came with one message, whether it is the Buddha, or whether it is Christ, they came here with the message to help humanity out of suffering. Everyone is suffering. 

Look 600 years before Christ, the Buddha said: “Life is suffering.” That is the first truth that the Buddha revealed – Dukha. Dukha in Sanskrit, and Pali, means suffering. No matter what or who you are, life is suffering. It was the same 600 years before Christ, during Christ’s time, and 2,000 years later today everyone feels that life is  suffering. 

There are many reasons why life is suffering because the very constitution of the human body/mind is designed to go through suffering, sickness, and it can be mental illness, or it can be bodily illness, aging, diseases leading to death – all these are out there for everyone whether it is for a beggar, or for the President of a country – everybody is subjected to suffering. 

One person who gave the message very clearly to everyone is Swami Ramalingam, who lived in the 19th century. He said that, “Until the body turns into light, you will have suffering because this organic body of flesh and blood is meant to give us suffering, pain, and you are hurt every time by the mind, and also the body.”

You have to transcend that, and that human liberation is going to be one in which we understand our true nature

Everybody needs money, and I see,  preach, and have techniques that will help you make money. The Shreem Brzee Technique – that will give you money, provided you do it earnestly.

I am not going to speak against money, I am all for it. But is money going to be the solution for human suffering? No, but what money can do is that it can give you relief from material suffering. Then how is the teaching of Jesus relevant today?

Jesus’s teaching will always be relevant until humanity reaches the goal which is to get rid of this flesh and blood. I have spoken many times on the topic of the Eucharist, The Last Supper, where Jesus enacted something which is very relevant for Ages to come, and that is to break the bread, which is a Sacrament Ceremony, – break the bread, and let go of the blood and that is enacted by this Eucharist, The Last Supper Ceremony, which is symbolic of the death of the human body and mind, giving you a liberation. The body is the problem. It is for this body that we are all suffering. It is the source of all our sufferings.

What is going to be the way out? The way out is to transcend somehow the body and the mind. 

The Kingdom is within, not without 

Where is the Kingdom? It is already within you, and all that you have to know is that you have to understand what is within you. What is there within you is an identity with God, and Jesus said very clearly that: “The Father, and I are one and the same.” People thought it was blasphemy for Christ to equate himself with God. That is not a blasphemy, that is a literal Truth.

I just want to reiterate on this day, that you are really God

Everybody is God, but we have forgotten the Kingdom that is within us, and it is a matter of understanding that Kingdom by suppressing our human ego, our human misunderstanding, and our ignorance. That ignorance is not allowing us to understand who we are. That ignorance is made up of our body and mind. The body, and the mind particularly represented by the mind. The mind does not allow us to see and experience who we are.

Once you get beyond the mind, then you understand who you are. The most important thing to understand the Kingdom that is within us, not without us, is to go deep inside and understand who you are. At that time then you will know: “Oh My God!” That I am already God. There is no reason for me to suffer. 

The important thing is to understand the reality beyond the mind, to go within 

To go within is the message because that is where you have the Kingdom, not to go and search it outside. That is not going to work. I want to remind you of that.

Jesus came here with that intention, and he did not live for long in the body. He did a lot, and all his teachings are through Miracles. He cured the diseased people, gave eyes to the blind, and raised the dead to come to life, so he acted only through Miracles reminding people that Miracles are possible only through one thing –  Faith. He insisted that people have Faith, and the Faith is the one that God has sent to this Earth plane. Faith is going to do everything for you. This is the ultimate teaching of Jesus: “If you have Faith, you can move mountains.” 

What we have to do is along with the sciences and technologies that have given us many material benefits, not spiritual benefits at all, is we need to have Faith. 

My own definition of Faith is “Utter Positivity.” There is no negativity at all in Faith. It is not a metaphysical concept, it is something that you believe in. We live in a Faithless Society just believing in only money to relieve our problems.

Collectively humanity has committed a collective suicide of killing Faith. Science is somewhat related to a large extent responsible for losing our Faith. 

Christmas is a time for us to be reminded of Faith

One thing that I must tell you is that people who have had Faith were the ones who got everything they wanted.

The only message of Christianity that is relevant for every religion across the world, and practical too, is that Miracles are possible, and they are the ultimate means through which we can solve our problems. We need money miracles, health miracles, relationship miracles. We need all kinds of things because it is only through Miracles that we can sustain our life.

How can we do Miracles? You can do Miracles only when you go into the domain of God, beyond the mind. It is the only way through which you can re-establish yourself in the domain of God.
Jesus wanted every one of you to do  Miracles, not to depend on him. You can do that yourself provided you transcend the mind, and live in the domain of God. And what is the way? The way is through the Holy Spirit.  

The message of Jesus is very clear: “The Holy Spirit is the answer, and that is the Christmas Message.

God Bless.”

Christmas Blessing – Love Conquers All

Join Dr. Pillai live on Christmas Day at 9 am PST for a special Christmas blessing, where he will address:  


  • Unconditional Love
  • How compassion can lead to passion
  • How God will give you the gift of passion and motivation through love
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