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New Year 2023

Dr. Pillai: “Sound solutions will be very key for my teachings to create the future in 2023. Also, timing and cosmic influence, knowing about planetary radiation. With every planet the moon affects the water in the body and the ocean, the sun flares affect us; similarly the other planets do. Astrology is not stupid. 

Astrology is a scientific study of radiation from the planets 

I have watched it in my own life. They impact what happens in our lives. That is why I created the Hora Watch. Hora Watch is available as an app. You can use that. You will gain an understanding of the planets that are helping you and harming you, and also analyze your thoughts. Saturn is a planet that slows down everything and causes a lot of trouble as well. That is an observance and it can be tested. 

In the Golden Age, it will all be tested. When the spiritual technology picks the planetary influence with divine technology, you will receive guidance and support. 

The most important thing is you become conscious

When do you fall? When you are careless. Winter is coming now. If you are living in areas where there is a lot of snow and ice,  when do you fall? You fall if you are careless. If you are very careful, how do you put your steps on the snow? You have to be very careful and wear proper shoes. Care. C-a-r-e, is very important. You do not have money because you do not care. You waste time because you do not care about time. You dress badly because you do not care. When you do not care about your body, then your body is out of proportion, and that creates diseases. 

Care is consciousness 

People always say “I do not care.” If you don’t care about money, money will not come. “I do not care about my poverty,” then it will stay. In this program, I want global participation.

This is going to be my primary objective on ‘2023 Create the Future,’ but with the knowledge that is available in 3023

I will talk about how you can manipulate time and then create the Golden Age. 

This is the time for people like you who are dependent on God to understand that you are God and your God is in the pineal gland.

You are incredibly powerful. And all of this will be available in the program. I am very happy to announce this program, and I spend time creating all these three tiers. I will also make sure that people deliver things that I will monitor. God bless.”

Create Your Future in 2023 

Dr. Pillai has given four modules of transformational topics that will be delivered quarterly by blessed Pillai Center Teachers for the year, which are:

​​1. Creating from the Inside Out

2. Overcome Negative Thinking

3. Embodying Your God-Self

4. Outrageous Thinking

Featured techniques, mantras, and meditations will vary and graduate in intensity.


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