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Dr. Pillai New Year

Dr. Pillai: “This morning I woke up and asked a couple of people around me, ‘How many bad, stupid thoughts have people had in the last four hours? What percentage?’ Somebody said 30%, and someone said 40%. I said, “Do you know what stupid thoughts I have had in the last four hours? 99.9999%. That is the truth, it is not a joke. Why is it that this sugar-based meat body and intelligence cannot conceive of something that light can conceive? That is what my teaching meant. 

I started out in this one-year program called “Mystery School.” I started “Light Body programs.” The light body is still the end goal, that is the Golden Age. 

We have to move from the animal-meat body to a light body

Then everything will be passed. 

That will be also included for every group. 

This is something that came spontaneously. I want you to watch this video and then focus on what has been, that is what I have written, a month-to-month benchmark for success. You cannot move unless you have made benchmarks. Even now, I would say a month-to-month benchmark for success has to be changed to a week-to-week.

Create Your Own Reality in the New Year 

Why do people try and fail? Why? If anybody asks, “Why did I fail? What did I try? Where did they go wrong?” That is important. 

Everything that I have written I can write a book on, but that is a waste of time. Daily success is not in our mind at all. How did they come up with an idea? Because of reading the Vedas. During the fire ritual this guy says, “Hey Agni, do you know how to create wealth with fire?” Wealth is not dollars, rupees, yen, or anything. Real wealth is gold and diamonds. That is why the Gold standard is an international standard, so he says, “how has the Gold come?” Gold comes from intense heat. And dirt becomes gold, so we have to do the fire ritual. 

He says, “I want money every day.” He says,

Agninath rayim-asnavat-Possam-eva dive-dive

yasasam viravat-tamam 

These were people in the heightened level of consciousness, who knew everything and wanted money, dive-dive, not getting paid at the end of the month. 

Daily success is not in our mind at all. We work like a machine, robots programmed with no ambition to have daily breakthroughs.

 If we have daily breakthroughs just as a concept, we can change

This will be included in the syllabus. I will give you some techniques so that those people who would want to do only one day, that is fine, too. 

I am going to quickly cover some of the important points. The following are the indicators that lead to failure.

Why do you fail? Why do I fail? I have failed all the time, failing now, will always fail. Why? Because of this meat-body. We are not moving at the speed of light. The light is in the pineal gland that we can speed up

These are the indicators: 

[1] lack of clarity in thinking, 

[2] lack of clarity in envisioning the future

[3] lack of clarity about skills, we don’t know what skills we have and what we do not have, 

[4] lack of clarity of an action plan. 

I will have my teachers who will teach the course and I will train them so that they will also go into details of these things, and use my material. I do not allow them to use their own. How are you going to fix those problems? Evaluate. Be honest with yourself, and accept where you have gone wrong and how to fix the problem. Where do you go wrong in your thinking? Do you experience a mental block to have outrageous thoughts and ideas – this is very important. What parts of your life are not working?

The Solutions Part: Phonemic Intelligence Sounds  

I did a brain mapping study at Harvard. Fantastic results came.

Phonemic Intelligence sounds can activate different parts of the brain, including the manifestation brain and clarity of thinking, memory, etc. and mantra sounds like Shreem Brzee.”

Decode The Quantum Realm To Help Create Your Future in The New Year 

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Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Shreem Brzee Revelations + Karma Jumping Webinar To Learn More About Dr. Pillai’s Teachings for the New Year

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