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Hanuman Saraswati

Dr. Pillai: “Hanuman is The Monkey God, who did not belong to a mythology that is dead, but a mythology, a reality, or history that is alive. Hanuman is an energy, and Archetypal Energy, an existence, symbolized by your own breath. 

Hanuman is very important for every one of you, who is breathing 

He is breathing, not of human nostril breathing, but the breathing of the soul within your own brain.

Thirumoolar, one of the celebrated Siddhas of Tamil Nadu, said that you die because of breathing. It is quite a controversial statement, but accepted by all of the Siddhas. Breathing is what kills you, it depletes you. You should not breathe, then you will live forever. The less air you breathe, the longer you live, even with regard to nostril breathing.

Hanuman holds the truth, the secret of breathing in the highest fashion. His method is superb to contain breathing, and to acquire the Highest Wisdom. 

We think about him today and the question comes: “Why would we celebrate his Birthday?” Or “Why should we even bother to think about Hanuman, or his Birthday?” 

You have got to understand that the invisible is more powerful than the visible. Just like the atom, or subatomic particle, is a lot more powerful than molecules, and elements, and so forth. The gross reality is powerless, or relatively powerless when compared to such realities. God is invisible, Angels are invisible, and so are a host of other beings who are invisible. Just because we cannot see them, does not mean that they do not exist.

We accept atoms and particles, although we do not see atoms. Similarly, they are invisible, but they are visible if you are able to see through your 3rd Eye, or the pineal gland. We are moving into an era when we are beginning to recognize invisible powers. The Golden Age is an Age where we will be able to rise to a level of life that challenges our limitations. Not only are we going to see through the physical eyes, but we are also going to see through our 3rd Eye, the pineal gland.

Dr. Strassman’s research on the pineal gland, and Dimethyltryptamine giving you access to seeing beings, is only  the beginning of science trying to understand the invisible. 

For me there is no doubt that Hanuman as a being exists 

He exists in a realm that is very close to the Earth plane, and he is sympathetic towards human beings and their inability to deal with problems because of limitations imposed by their brain, and by their body to deal with problems. It is easy to get some help from those beings who are willing to help.

There is intelligence far better than the intelligence that we know. By recalling Hanuman, we recall that tremendously powerful intelligence that can revive life. Even a dead body can come to life through a particular herb, and Hanuman himself never died. He knew about herbs that can help people to come back to life. That herb is called Sanjeevi that can help you to live forever. 

This intelligence that comes from Hanuman is a very powerful intelligence

Recalling the Birth of Hanuman, or Hanuman’s story, or history, is important to recall our own dependence on beings who can help us, and the beings, and their willingness to help us. 

For a long time scientists were thinking that this particular set of neurons are only found in human beings, and not in any other animals. But not too recently, about two years ago, they just found that elephants have these special neurons that give special intelligence to human beings, in abundance in the elephant.

The reason why I am mentioning that is, we find, apart from the elephants, the same neurons, the Von Economo Neurons, in the monkeys. That accounts for the extraordinary intelligence of Hanuman, to fly in the air, and know herbology, the Vedas, to do impossible feats, like fighting with the demons, and so forth. 

Phonemic Intelligence which I founded, and we have been teaching all over the world now, helps to activate the region of the Anterior Cingulate which carries the Von Economo Neurons. We have now scientific proof to legitimize the worship of these beings because connection with beings is going to help you with getting the knowledge that they have that made them very special, powerful, and intelligent.

By recalling Hanuman on His Birthday, what we are trying to do is to become like him 

Sometime ago for the Light Body Program I just used to wear the mask of Hanuman. That again is a strategy, and I put on a Hanuman’s Head, on my head, and also the weapon that he carries, the mace, just to imitate him. When you imitate a person, you get the characteristics of the person. That is a device, or a meditation device, that is very helpful to access his energy.

Psycho-physically, or psycho-biologically, he represents the breathing process. When the breathing significantly changes, then your brain works better, and you are not deluded by the perception of maya, which is material existence, but also going beyond you into a far more intelligent, a far more efficient life. 

If you look at the image of Karuppasamy, I have been talking about Karuppasamy belonging to a Demi-God Group, also grouped with Hanuman. There is a special symbol of Hanuman lifting the horse of Karuppasamy where Karuppasamy is riding the horse. The horse is a symbol for your breathing, because both in Sanskrit, and in Tamil, the horse symbol means the breath. 

Your breath has to be lifted up, and when it is lifted up then you will be able to end duality and see unity. 

You can benefit from Hanuman on this day 

Hanuman represents the breath. Hanuman is a Master of Breath. What is the breath? Breath is life. If you do not breathe, you will die. If you want to understand the principle of life, you have to understand the breathing process. 

Pranayama as it is called in Sanskrit, stops the breathing process, and then you understand a lot more about your own life. The various subtleties involved in the breathing process are different forms of Pranayama, the breathing exercise, wherein you understand the relationship between breathing, how the brain works, how you can even activate your pineal gland through the breathing process, and how the mind works as well. 

Our mediocrity starts with the breathing. How? What does mediocrity have to do with breathing – everybody breathes the same way. No. It is very important to understand that breathing is related to your thought process. How you breathe decides what thoughts are coming in. How brilliant are these thoughts? Everybody should relate to Hanuman, and his significance for us, for the human race. 

To help us to put an end to mediocrity by giving us higher forms of unlimited thoughts, powerful thoughts, and powerful ideas, and so forth, besides helping us with a great biology, and physical muscular strength.”

Invoke Hanuman, The Archetype Who Can Do the Impossible, On His Birthday Powertime

Hanuman’s Birthday is celebrated during a New Moon phase while the Moon is in Moola star (Hanuman and Goddess Saraswati’s birthstar). Hanuman will give abundant blessings on his birthday.

Hanuman is the archetype who rules the planet Saturn, and Saturn will be transitioning from Capricorn into Aquarius in January 2023 which affects us all. Hanuman is an important archetype for anyone who is dealing with challenges from Saturn influences. He can remove fear and worry. He is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is able to do impossible things. Saraswati is a creative, wisdom Goddess who helps with manifestation, education, and all aspects of the arts and sciences.

You can access the special energies of the Moon, Hanuman, and Saraswati through a Fire Lab to do the impossible on this day. 

Chant to Dr. Pillai’s Free Hanuman Mantra Audio In Honor of Hanuman’s Birthday

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