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New Year

Dr. Pillai: “In the late 1990s, I was given the Shreem Brzee mantra. Since 1996 or 1997, I have been receiving more and more additional information on “Brzee.” Then I realized Brzee was my name. When millions of years ago, I was here and that time, my name was “Brzee.” What did I do? I was just teaching prosperity. 

‘Brzee’ was a sound that I discovered and that is the sound for prosperity 

The information that was given to me with time was only the mantra of the Goddess Lakshmi. The Goddess of Wealth is Brzee. 

Recently, additional information came which said Brzee is also a deep Karma-cleansing mantra. It is a Karma-busting mantra, as well. That is amazing, I have been up until recently thinking that it is only a prosperity mantra. I am doubly happy because it can do both. Brzee is also like the Thiru Neela Kantam mantra or Hara Hara mantra. These are all other mantras that I have given to you in the past for cleansing your karma or scarcity consciousness. We can add Brzee into that list of karma-busting mantras. 

‘Brzee’ is a Karma-busting mantra as well 

At this point in time, your deceased ancestors who passed away have contributed to your consciousness and are up in their journey towards wherever they are going. They have to come and help you and that is why I created the “Tarpanam program” offering rice, grain, and sesame seeds with water. That will satisfy your ancestors and can cleanse your karma. 

I was just reviewing the syllabus for the program that I was going to do on January 1st, I believe that the context of this webinar was that I live moment-to-moment. The past moment is not profitable because it is still a part of ignorance as time moves your intelligence and understanding. Everything changes as we move into time-space changes. 

The good thing that I want to share with you is that the Golden Age is dawning as we speak. Human intelligence will be totally changed, time will be changed, space will be changed – everything will be changed. Instantaneous manifestation will be there, it is called Satya Yuga.” 

I am very happy to announce that renewed energy has gotten into my body. I worked with Jai Radha [Lakshmi] last night. I said, “I give the title “Creating Your Future in 2023.” Why create a 2023 future? That is going to be very limited. Why don’t you create a future, say, 3023? What will be the knowledge? 

The knowledge will be immense

What I am talking about is not nonsense, this is what I live in my life.

I have created a molecule that we are testing for very advanced cancers like brain cancer, metastatic, and pancreatic. We have been successful on this animal model and the beauty of the molecule is that it works at subatomic levels, the transient time. I discovered them from that level of consciousness. If you have that, it is not new. It is something people thought about. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and Somalia Patanjali talks about that. A special type of intelligence is the Prathiba is one, Prathiyaya is another one, Ritambhara Prajna—all of these are states of consciousness in which the yogis can create anything and everything transcending time and space. 

Shreem Brzee itself was given to me, which I refined further. After 1500 years of meditation to change sounds into the matter by the King who became Rishi, the Yogi, Vishwamitra. Somebody wanted to test it. Somebody created and sent it to the model lab, and then found that Shreem Brzee created by crystal is amazing, with amazing symmetry. Supersymmetry is within us. This is quantum physics. It talks about supersymmetry as the nature of our soul. 

3023 is not far away, we want the knowledge of that time

I will update my own findings, when I talk to my scientists, they mean that your logic is so totally different. Of course. Because we are moving at the speed of light, matter doesn’t exist. Until it is observed in the particle, blood particle level. The particles do not  exist until you observe it. This is the latest finding. 

Everything is “you creating everything.” The observed is the observer. If you are creating poverty, you are a bad observer. If we create a disease, we are bad observers. We observe only what we know. I do not want to use the term karma. Other people say “I do not believe in karma, I do not believe in you.” Who are you? You do not even know who you are. What do you mean by “I”? Your name or your stupidity? 

I changed this a little bit. 

This is what I am going to be doing. I will do a program on the 1st. This is not necessarily two-way because I started creating a program for a year. Not that I want people to wait for a year. But that is where we are stuck. We have made time into a reality. It is not a reality unless the observer creates that reality. 

Since we have been forever stuck in this reality, at least I compromise that at least within one year, we will change everything. It is not going to be one year, it can happen anytime, at any moment. 

You can develop that intelligence to create everything 

The sounds will become matter at that time. Then you will become a particle reality, infinitely powerful, moving at the speed of light. 

Even 3023 is not moving at the speed of light. But at least we can get that knowledge of 3023, at this moment.

I will do something on New Year’s Day in 2023 because it is a day of hope for people to change their lives and then make plans.” 

Realize Your Spiritual and Material Goals in 2023

Learn about how to use Quantum Thinking to create your future in 2023 with Dr. Pillai in a practical, hands-on session. 

Discover key teachings and techniques from 3 key modules of Quantum Thinking that you can use to change your life now. Open yourself up to all possibilities that are simultaneously available.

  • Quantum physics of negativity and positivity. Are you negative or positive?
  • Changing your belief system from the Quantum Mind. “I own everything” is a Quantum Reality
  • Quantum thinking from the 3rd eye, or pineal gland. The 3rd eye itself has to think to perceive all possibilities.


We warmly invite you to submit any questions you may have to Dr. Pillai about using quantum thinking to create your future in 2023. A limited number will be selected for him to answer during his live session. All submissions are blessed by Dr. Pillai for a special New Year fire lab, allowing your energy to be immersed in the blessings of the fire ceremony.

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Shreem Brzee Revelations + Karma Jumping Webinar 

Chant to Dr. Pillai’s ‘Shreem Brzee’ mantra audios on your free time

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