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Dr. Pillai's 2023 Message

Dr. Pillai: “Why is it that New Year’s goals do not translate into reality or manifestation?

Every New Year, almost everyone plans to accomplish certain things during the year, and the next year we again do the same thing. The truth of the matter is that most people, if not all, fail to fulfill the plans that they have for that particular year. Everyone would admit that they have failed, but simple admission is not going to be fruitful. 

What is going to be useful is to look at your goals very clearly

You can have your moment. You can have outrageous goals—there is no problem—reasonably outrageous goals; not that you want to become a trillionaire. One guy told me that he wants to be a trillionaire, so that means he is totally out of the world, off the wall. There is no trillion under the sofa so that is impossible. You can make a million dollars – that is not a way to choose that all. You have to have goals, like a million dollars, and it still may not be reasonable for you because you have now got a million dollars. The million dollars can come through many ways.

I did a program about 25 years ago – that everybody in the program should be able to buy or get a Mercedes Benz. Most people in the program got it. The first program was in New York City limited to some twelve students. Then I extended it, and it was a great success.

What they found out was the idea of getting a Mercedes was the goal – not buying it. Getting it means inheriting the Mercedes Benz from family or somebody gifting it to you. It all happened like that. 

Most people who got the Mercedes, either got it as a gift or inheritance.Those who just wanted to get the Mercedes got it, and somebody bought it, too. Most of them got the Mercedes who did not even have a job and they were all women. You see the idea. 

You have to be really open to the universe 

There are opportunities everywhere around you, but your ego, stupidity, planets, and genes all have to be changed. The planet has to be changed, the genes have to be re-educated and transformed, and new genes can be created.

All this can be done provided you do not allow your ego or stupidity. The ego is the worst enemy for everybody.  

If you just get rid of your ego, everything can happen

Muruga told this guy, “I am not going to give you enlightenment.” 


“Because you are not devoted to me.” 

“What do you mean? I lost all my money and then gave it away and prayed to you.” “Yes, but you are devoted to your begging bowl. You are thinking about your hunger all the time.”

That is what it is. 

Be devoted to your goal 

Whatever goal it is, if there is no devotion to the goal… and you have to define what is “devotion to the goal,” which is thinking about the goal at least every now and then.

I used to have a method to help people to remember the rules, like a watch that beeps every hour or every half hour. When it beeps at all, it will remind you “this is my goal,” and then you take a few seconds to remain focused on the goal. Use your mind, body, emotions, and soul.

If you follow these steps, in this year, you will see that you are accomplishing your goals. It is not another year – 2023 is not another year to be wasted. I will never allow this 2023 to leave like the previous years.

I will hold on to the year and force it to bring the manifestation. I am going to do all that I can do to change my planets, my karma, my destiny, my parental genes affecting my own thought process through understanding the Soul Genetics and performing Tarpanam—all these I am going to do to accomplish my goals. I am not going to let go of 2023 without it giving me what I want. 

God bless.”

New Year’s Day: Quantumizing Shreem Brzee Initiation

Discover how to quantimize ‘Shreem Brzeein a new initiation into the Shreem Brzee mantra to bring the sounds to quantum levels for accelerated manifestation. Dr. Pillai will give this special New Year teaching and empowerment on the most powerful Vishnu day of the year, called Vaikunta Ekadasi. It is a time when Vishnu opens the gates of his heaven to shower wealth on Earth.

Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Special Message

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