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Quantum Thinking

Dr. Pillai: “I am very happy to be teaching this course on Quantum Thinking. Why do we care about Quantum Thinking? Even before that, what is Quantum Thinking? Simply put, Quantum Thinking is a subtle or the subtlest thinking, quantizing the finest matter. Your thoughts should become the subtlest.

When you are at the subtlest level, reality changes 

We are living in 2022, where the scientists have proved that the observation decides the particle. The particle is non-existent until it is observed. This is a very important and practical concept within quantum physics. A particle does not exist at all until you recognize that particle is there. “Until you recognize” is a recognition. I can talk about bringing in Plato, bringing in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Vasishtha, all these people. I will do it in the one-year program. 

Quantum Thinking is the subtlest form of thinking

 The very innermost part of your existence thinks that you are poor or you cannot change the reality that you are living in. That is what you are doing at the quantum level.

At the quantum level of your consciousness, you are thinking ‘I am dependent on this person’ or ‘I am dependent on this job, and it is not going to change.’ ‘I will continue to live in this apartment because I do not  have money. I do not have this, I do not have that.’ That is really what most people are doing to themselves at the quantum level. The only way that you can change your life and fortune, is by understanding the principle and owning responsibility that you have created this reality after all. The best fulfilling comfort is that you can change it. How soon? How long does it take? It takes no time at all.

Quantum physics comes to your rescue 

Time does not exist. You have to manipulate time. How? Through your own consciousness. Through your mind, you can manipulate time. How do we do it? Even Einstein said when you vibrate at the speed of light, you will change. Time comes to a standstill. He did it through a thought experiment. Being in a car or a bus, he imagined that he was  going at the speed of light. That led him to discover so many things. This was what he called a thought experiment, I call it meditation. I am going to be teaching meditations to change time, simultaneously, you will be changing your negative thoughts, not at the gross mind level – at the mind level you will really be thinking negative thoughts and confirming the negative thoughts. It is not going to be able to change – my house, my job, my health, my intelligence – it is all negative, and this is our nature. 

Our nature is to remain negative. That is partly due to the mind working on a very gross level where there is a different reality when compared to a quantum reality where the particle is everywhere. It is called non-locality, uncertainty principles that Einstein hated so much and died with it. In 2022, three Nobel laureates, have forever put an end to this question of this uncertainty principle not existing.

They all agreed; the Nobel laureates came up with theories, experiments to prove that. That is very good for us. If you had been negative all along, humanity has been that way. It is not just you and I, everybody has been so negative and continues the negativity. By negativity I mean a very bad and uncomfortable painful reality, whether it is a disease you have or a very bad financial problem which you continue, or your inability to learn things. All these things are negative – anything that is not helping you to live life to the fullest possible level, enjoy and happiness, and so forth.

This can be done. The negativity has to be changed. 

You keep on observing the old form because you are living in the mind

That is the bottom line. You are living at a very surface level of the mind. That mind says there is a continuity to your negativity and that is reality, the poor people will always remain poor, and the rich people will always remain rich, because this is the system they have. We have to go and fight against the system. 

I have come here to change that system, not the system so much, but your consciousness and my consciousness, so that we live in a field of all possibilities at the Quantum Thinking level, where negativity can be changed to positivity. Nobody wants to change positivity to negativity, and everybody wants to change only their negativity to positivity. This is such a simple thing and it is scientific now. But nobody wants to teach it because nobody wants to break away from the tradition. 

Our educational system is so screwed up and about 100 years behind in schools, colleges, and everywhere because I went and checked if any of these is teaching this quantum physics concept, the observed is the observer, you are seeing what you are seeing. You are sleeping in a bed, and it is there out there as you have created and continue to keep that. That is the sad thing. And quantum physics is challenging it. Where is the proof? The proof is, I will tell you, one thing. This is a concept in Buddhism as well as in Hinduism. And they say there is nothing that exists outside your mind. Everything is your mind.”

Create From The Inside Out 

Discover how you can create your future in 2023 by learning how to create from the inside out.  According to Quantum Thinking, you are the observer, and you create your reality based on your thinking process. 

Creation and clarity go together. Most people are unable to create because of a lack of clarity in thinking.

  • Creative Visualization is the key to creating an outrageous life. Learn to use your pineal gland (third eye) to manifest without constraints.
  • Faith as Utter Positivity without any doubt will help you speed up your manifestations.
  • The “V-V” Principle (the viewed is the viewer) to understand the hidden mechanics of how your thoughts are creating your current reality and how to change it.
  • Quantumizing Shreem Brzee


Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai’s Quantum Thinking Webinar

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