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Quantimize Shreem Brzee

Dr. Pillai: “I am delighted to share with you one of the greatest discoveries ever made in human history. That discovery, in general, is called the mantra. 

A mantra is a sound wave

This sound wave has an impact on almost everything in the universe, beginning from the strings, the constituents of the quantum constituent of matter.

Sounds are the basis of everything: matter, intelligence, forces, energy, you name anything that exists, and what is behind it is the sound, and the sound is called the mantra. Ancient technology is based on changing everything like diseases, poverty, relationships, or any other problem. They attempted to change it through the use of sounds. 

Creation itself is due to the sound 

For example, look at the Bible. It is not just only in Indian tradition, even in the Bible, God said, Let there be light. Light was there. He did not ask for nuclear power or thermal power or fuel. There is no need for steps, you can go directly to the effect provided if you know the two sides of reality: one is energy, the other is matter. If you can just work with energy and not simply focus only on matter, it is going to take a long time, it may or may not work, and it is also very hard. 

If you want wealth, there is a mantra for wealth 

That is whatShreem Brzeeis. To discover that sound is neither easy. There was a saint who was a king and wanted to give a great life as a king to all his citizens. It is very hard to find a guy like him. His name is Vishwamitra, and he is the originator of the sound. Then he delivered it, and I improved upon it, and co-created, and over a period of 22 years, I am still working on it, still improving on the sound of how it can work so fast. 

The moment you put in your consciousness, ‘I want it now and I want it fast,’ and that is what is required, then be focused on that project. Then you can see that miracles can happen. This is not a technology which will take time. It works when you become timeless.

There are important components, which God revealed to me over the past 22 years, and I am still in the process of improving on the technique, but millions of people have already used Shreem Brzee to improve their finances. How does it happen? It is simply because it is based on the theory that energy and matter are the same, and you have an ultimate matter that exists is the sound.  In modern string theory, a string is a uni-dimensional quantum condition, where it is believed, or it is in science, in quantum physics, as the building blocks of all matter. 

Just to say the sound is to create it 

You have created it at a very different level. We are focusing our attention on a very bad model where we have 35 to 40 thoughts, and spending energy recklessly. Most of the thoughts are not productive or creative at all. We are in a great deal of confusion, and that is why there are so many thoughts. Of all the thoughts, if you just have only one thought, Shreem Brzee, then you will know the dimensions of it. Then you will know only the knowable reality. How can you make a million dollars if you do not know how to make it? If you go to the bottom, the origin of knowledge, knowledge originates in non-knowledge, not knowing anything. There are vibrations, too. 

These mantras belong to the source of the superconsciousness 

It is like the hematopoietic stem cells, which are responsible for becoming different parts, but by itself it is non-differentiated; a non-differentiated reality. When I say Shreem Brzee, do not think that it is only a mantra for making money; it also has components to erase negativity, the inability, or the problem of inability to conceive. 

I gave to Wayne Dyer, a concept: you cannot manifest anything that you cannot conceive. You have to conceive first. If somebody is not able to conceive a million dollars, you will never be able to make it. If he is not able to make a bill to conceive of a billion dollars, you cannot make it. 

Conception is everything 

What is conception? It is a matter of a very special cognitive process. That cognitive process is a quantum condition. Quantum is the smallest; it is smaller than the particles. If you live that level of consciousness, then the identity with you is not this flesh-and-blood body or the sugar-based consciousness of the brain. You have to go beyond all that. I should not even say going beyond all that, you are all that. Because you are fundamentally photon waves, photon particles working on both levels.

But now our identity is not with that, our identity is with a negative attitude in-built within us, this is my limitation, I can make only this, my health is only this, my relationship is only this. But when you go to quantum mechanics,the particle is not there until it is observed. To put it very simplistically, everything is your observation. 

Without the observation, nothing exists 

You have to learn to observe. What I am going to teach you in this class is how to observe, because the object is dependent on the observer. There is no definition of observer; quantum physics is still struggling to do that. But whereas India figured it out millions of years ago because it is one of the countries where civilization started and where human beings became divine beings and left the Earth plane. All the Gods and Goddesses are divine beings. 

One more thing that is very difficult for you to intellectually understand is not a matter of intellect, it is a matter of intuition and  higher intelligence. Even Shreem Brzee is a particle or even subatomic particle or a string, as well as a Divine being. 

The divine beings are the minutest of the minute. They are even beyond the subatomic particles, and you have to know how to hold hands with it, and then walk.”

New Year’s Day: Quantumizing Shreem Brzee Initiation

Since its inception for well over two decades, Shreem Brzee as a wealth mantra has attracted several millions of people globally. The 2023 initiation of Shreem Brzee teaches a new method of getting Shreem Brzee to the source of thought for enhancing your prosperity thinking

You will be initiated into both an extended and short version of Shreem Brzee for your daily practice. Dr. Pillai will give this special New Year teaching and empowerment on the most powerful Vishnu day of the year, called Vaikunta Ekadasi. It is a time when Vishnu opens the gates of his heaven to shower wealth on Earth.

Watch Replay of Prepare to Quantumize Shreem Brzee Message From Dr. Pillai 

Chant to Dr. Pillai’s ‘Shreem Brzee’ mantra audio

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