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Lord's Prayer

Dr. Pillai: “I have a prayer for this new year. This prayer reminds me of the prayer of Jesus. 

My Lord’s Prayer as it is available in the English language is not the true translation; it misses at least 95% of the prayer that Jesus prayed in Aramaic. The prayer is very mystical. It talks about our breathing, and what is our breathing? That is our life.

It speaks about the sound associated with God, and the light that is associated with God. It is a meditation. I remember the context of the prayer where the disciples asked Jesus, ‘Can you give us a prayer, or the prayer that made you so powerful?’ Then he used the prayer, and said, ‘This is what I pray – I pray to the Holy Breath. The Holy Ghost is also the Holy Breath. 

The breath is an address to the breath and to the light and sound of God 

There is one translation here, it is very beautiful. 

It helps us to draw a Holy breath in which we feel only you and your sound ring in us and purify us. This is the prayer. It helps us to draw a Holy Breath, and my Indian ears immediately recognize my memory associated with the Indian cosmogony. 

Cosmogony is the origin of the universe, the breath, the sound, and the light 

We are not experiencing every breath that we breathe in, not just oxygen, but also the breathing prana. He talks about what lets us become aware of the breath, the sound, and the light that sustains us. All that comes from you. Only then our life becomes complete. Otherwise, we are just bonded people, with bondage to the senses and the world. The whole of humanity is in bondage to the senses, to the flesh. 

That is the reason that Jesus was sent here by the Father. Unless the flesh is destroyed by all of humanity, nothing is going to work. And even the Bible will have been translated in a very very alarmingly wrong way. Jesus never said, “Father, you forsook me and abandoned me.” No.

The Aramaic text says I have fulfilled my destiny for which, I came into the wall, he was completely aware of what was going on, that he came for the sacrifice of his flesh and blood. We are basically flesh and blood and then we glorify. Instead of glorifying our eternal body, which was lost by Adam’s disobedience and out of which came this consciousness, this human consciousness of good and bad of senses of the flesh.

I have been focusing on the My Lord’s prayer as it is in Aramaic and now a lot of music around it 

The one piece of music I recommend is for days by Neil and Douglas Klotz. The whole book is a translation now of this verse. The first line of my Lord’s prayer “Our Father which art in Heaven” is a very simple translation. 

Every syllable has a meaning

The meaning part talks about the sound and the breath. All that has been sacrificed in English translation. But at least one thing that you may want to do is to listen to music. 

Ah Oh this Maya (5x)

The soul will know the breath that gave us this life and is sustaining your life. The sound and the light sustains us, and we are oblivious of all this.

 Ah Oh this Maya (2x)

I am not perfect because I have no knowledge of Aramaic, but then you go and listen to a lot of people who have put this into music and singing themselves. The sounds have immense power. 

These sounds will change the consciousness of people

This program is going to be very mystical to go back to our origin to go back to Heaven. Or, alternatively, to transform this Earth plane into Heaven. God should do it. The prayer should be granted to me. Death is a very painful experience for the individual as well as for people who are watching, who are relatives and friends. 

Ah Oh this Maya.

The sounds ‘Ah Oh Ma Ya’ all in the first word, some of you will understand that Ah is Shiva, Oh is Shakthi, and then the Maya.

All ancient religions are of the same truth and the truth is not experiencing census but experiencing our prana, our life force, and that is going to be my main orientation. In other words, it is all going to be how we can get beyond misperception through the senses. 

We are perceiving through the eyes hearing through the ears and cognizing through this brain, all these belong to the domain of Maya. ‘Ah Oh this Maya.’ You will feel incredible joy when you sing this to give you some idea of what I have in mind. This moment is important. That is there in the prayer, too. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.”

Gain the Power to Create with the Aramaic Word

Receiving an anointing into the sacred power of the Aramaic teachings of Jesus for an opportunity can offer the following benefits:

  • The experiential significance of speaking in Jesus’ original words
  • Power sounds to call upon Jesus
  • The mystical meanings of the original “Lord’s Prayer” in Aramaic
  • A guided experience of a 4-step method of deep contemplation upon the key words and phrases in each line of the Aramaic Prayer to experience and embody their unique and Divine states of consciousness and receive revelations.
  • Daily practice techniques for using the Aramaic Prayer as a creative principle in your daily waking life, and in your dream life
  • How to perform the communion ritual to experience union with Jesus
  • Anointing with the Holy Spirit
  • And more


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