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Not all herbs are born alike. Some are so filled with light that they stand out in the plant kingdom for nearly magical powers.

Yoga masters and even more so, the perfected Tamil Siddhas—skilled scientists and healers of ancient India—identified a few herbs capable of solving all human problems.

Beth DesMarais is the go-to expert for the special herbs selected by Dr. Pillai, the enlightened Siddha master who has empowered Beth and named her Nambu, the ultimate healing Goddess who lived on earth millions of years ago.

The subtle properties of some key plants have been kept secret throughout millennia and revealed only to a few chosen initiates.

But Dr. Pillai is now disclosing much of this information to assist humanity in its leap into the more enlightened Golden Age.

Nambu Botanicals is also the name of some herb compositions whose properties can transform human consciousness from an ordinary state to an enlightened and powerful one.

Beth, Nambu Botanicals CEO, will speak in the Pillai Center Human Evolution Web Series on February 27, at 8 am 2Pacific Time.

Her program, Herbal Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit, will deliver tips and information on herbs for perfect health and motivation, prosperity, higher intelligence and even enlightenment—literally the plants that the ancient Siddhas used to transform their own bodies into light and avoid death.

The Nambu Botanicals team will present herbal and sound-enhanced formulas that rejuvenate both the body and the mind.

In fact, it’s the belief of both the yogis and Siddhas that aging is not a necessity.

Additionally, you’ll learn about chakra strengthening—to avoid stress and for living a “200 percent life” of ease, beauty, wealth and spiritual fulfillment, too.

Finally, during the live Q&A, you’ll receive guidance on how to receive a “Free Chakra Profile” as well as recommendations for your personalized herbal formula.

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s HUMAN EVOLUTION WEB SERIES here. Click the button below for details.


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