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various Hindu archetypes (Goddesses) sitting together to represent Aadi Velli

Introduction to Aadi

As per traditional practice and belief, during the Tamil month of Aadi, the energy radiating from the Supreme Shakti fills the Earth plane and can provide you with special blessings and the ability to create good things in your life. 

The Sun entering the Motherly zodiac sign Cancer, ruled by the Queen Planet Moon, marks the onset of Aadi month. Propitiating Goddess Shakti, the ruling deity of the Moon, in her different forms during this month, can annihilate hostile forces, grant Divine protection, and impart true wisdom, knowledge, and power to overcome all adversities.

The ‘Aadi’ month also marks the onset of monsoons. It is the fourth month of the Tamil Calendar, and it is said that for the ‘devas,’ Aadi is the dusk of their day when their day transitions into night.

It is believed that during the Aadi month, the Sun God changes the direction of his chariot from north to south, thereby paving the way for climatic changes.

Significance of Aadi Velli

Aadi Velli is a time where we can connect with the Goddesses. Fridays in the month of Aadi are special as Fridays are filled with Goddess power and blessings. 

Connecting with seven Goddesses, Durga, Lalita, Sowbhagya Pratyangira, Sampatkari, Ashwarooda, Angali, and Vyasa Draupadi, on Aadi Fridays can invoke blessings for wish-fulfillment, power, protection, wealth, intelligence, health, progeny, and to remove sorrow and obstacles. 

On the last Aadi Friday, Pillai Center will invoke the two powerful incarnations of Supreme Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari, Sampatkari and Ashwarooda, to:

  •  remove negative thoughts and annihilate dark forces
  •  help you gain control over your mind and senses
  •  destroy impediments that obstruct your growth and wealth creation
  •  grant multifold prosperity and enable success in your business/career

The Mythology behind Aadi Velli

It is believed that the Mother Goddess manifested in this month to establish peace and harmony in the world. Moreover, the Goddess appeared in many Holy centers and enhanced the divine vibrations of these localities with her presence.

She is worshiped in different names and forms by the devotees. They call her Mariamman, Ellai amman, Kanni amman, etc. The woman devotees worship the Goddess primarily to fulfill their marriage and fertility wishes.

Rituals Performed on Aadi Velli

Aadi Velli is of great significance to women devotees as many special rituals are performed in the month.

  • Aadi Velli is famous for performing pujas dedicated to Nagas (Snakes). The Naga puja is of great importance and carries great religious significance to Amman devotees.
  • Varalakshmi Pooja, an important ritual dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, is performed on a Friday in the month of Aadi.
  • Devotees visit temples and offer ‘Koozh’ (porridge) to the Goddess and later distribute it to the other devotees. Perform special pujas on Fridays.
  • Women also exchange Thambulam – a plate containing Betel leaves, Betel nuts, turmeric, kumkuma, coconut, and cloth – after Friday prayers.
  • The devotees offer the Goddess Maa Vilakku (made using rice flour, jaggery, and ghee).
  • The women devotees carry pots of turmeric water and pour it over a wooden staff erected at the temple. The wooden staff is considered as the Mother Goddess.
  • The women devotees cook Sakkarai Pongal at the temple campus and offer it to the Goddess.
  • Goddess is offered garlands made of lemons.


Bhagavati Seva is a unique and powerful Kerala-style Pooja performed at the beginning and end of Aadi month to invoke the Divine powers of the Goddess in the form of Goddess Rajarajeswari. Specially trained Nambudri priests use a special procedure involving signs and symbols with deep inner meaning to invoke the Goddess.

As per traditional practice, this Bhagavati Seva Pooja is performed to invoke Goddess Rajarajeswari’s blessings to restore peace and balance in the environment and manifest prosperity, luxury, affluence, and abundance.

Pillai Center’s Aadi Goddess Ceremonies will invoke nine powerful forms of the Goddess:

  • Rajarajeswari– Presiding Goddess of the Sri Chakra, Bestower of Power, Purity & Ultimate Wisdom
  • Durga– Form of Goddess Parvati, Invincible Protectress & Destroyer of Demons
  • Lalita Tripura Sundari– Mother Goddess, Supreme Ruler of All Three Worlds (Godly Realm, Earth & Netherworld)
  • Sowbhagya Pratyangira– Fierce Form of Kali, Annihilator of All Negativity
  • Ashwarooda– Manifestation of Goddess Lalita, Fearless Goddess Who Controls the Mind & Senses
  • Sampatkari– Form of Goddess Lalita, Granter of Material & Spiritual Wealth
  • Angali– Form of Goddess Kali, Granter of Supernatural Powers
  • Vyasa Draupadi– Bestower of Fortune, Power, Beauty & Desire Fulfillment
  • Annapoorneshwari– Goddess of Food, Nourishment & Prosperity

Benefits of Observing Aadi Velli 

Honoring the Goddess in her various forms during her powertime is believed to invoke her grace and benevolence to bestow protection, power, material and spiritual boons, banish hardships, and perform miracles in your life.

Aadi Month Festivals and Events

For your reference, here is a list of the significant Aadi month festivals and events.

  • Aadi Pirappu – The first day of the Aadi month is Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirappu and is an important festival to most Tamils, especially newly-weds. It is marked with special puja and a sumptuous feast.
  • Aadi Amavasai – The No moon day of the Aadi month is dedicated to offering Shradh and Tarpan to dead ancestors.
  • Aadi Pooram – Pooram star of the Aadi month is very special to Goddess Parvati. This day is also the star birthday of the famous female saint, Andal, one of the 12 great Alwars of Sri Vaishnavism.
  • Varalakshmi Pooja – The Vrata observed on Friday before the Full Moon, or Pournami day, of Tamil Month Aadi, is Varalakshmi Puja. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on this day shall bring the blessings and grace of the Goddess Lakshmi upon you and your family.
  • Aadi Perukku – Aadi Perukku or Padinettam Perukku is celebrated on the eighteenth day of this Tamil month Aadi. The people of Tamil Nadu celebrate the monsoon through this festival. People worship the rivers (water bodies) for more rains and abundant agricultural yield.
  • Aadi Karthigai – This Karthigai star of the Aadi month is ideal for performing Lord Muruga worship.
  • Puthukku Paal: The majority of the people consider snakes as a form of gods. During the Tamil months of Aadi and Thai, the devotees visit a Snake bill and offer milk and egg to the Snakes. They also bring sacred mud from the snake bill and apply it to their body to cure their health aberrations. The devotees pour milk to snake idols and perform pooja to get rid of their Nagadosha.

Surrendering to the Goddess with pure heart, performing and taking part in Aadi Velli Poojas can help you receive the abundant blessings bestowed by the divine Goddesses.

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