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altar with flowers and image of the Guru Dr. Pillai for Full Moon of the Guru, Guru Purnima

Dr. Pillai: “Guru Purnima, which means The Night of the Gurus, is a time when the Gurus, who are eternally living, come down from the galaxies to the Earth plane to help human beings who are lost in their own mindset, educational system, and understanding. 

The word ‘Guru’ means the remover of ignorance. I felt called upon to fulfill my own destiny as the Guru.

Guru Purnima Is the Best Time to Experience Miracles

When miracles happen, you will not even know because it happens in a space that is timeless. You will not even know that a miracle has happened to you. Guru Purnima is the time for miracles, the time to see Angels and work with them. Come and experience those miracles, and be a witness unto yourself.

In a miracle—even a thought and even before thinking—the bullet is released and reaches the target. That is the miracle. We are all capable of that, but science and technology have killed the Miracle Consciousness that God has given to everyone.

How Does the Guru Principle Work?

God comes here in the form of the Guru, and if you are fortunate, you will know who your Guru is. You will be transformed by looking at the Guru because the Guru’s body carries chakras — energy points. His very form and look is transformative. 

If he thinks about someone, that is the greatest blessing they can have because God comes in the form of a Guru. All you have to worry about is how you relate to a Spiritual Teacher. If you go to him just for knowledge, that will be good, but it is not going to be 100% fruitful for you. 

In Order to Be Totally Transformed by the Guru, You Have to Look at the Guru as Your Own Higher Self — As Your Own God Guiding You

If you have the trust, then you are transformed. That is why there is this saying:

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Shak Shat, Param Brahma, Tas Mei Sri Gurave Namaha.’ 

Guru is the Creator God, Maintainer God, and the God who Dissolves, and who is that Trinity? That is my Guru. That is the most powerful statement about the Guru.

The Guru Is Often Attributed to Having the Ability to Change the Karma of People

Gurus have taken upon themselves this mission of making life easier for people. That is their obligation. In order to be totally transformed by the Guru, you have to look at the Guru as your own Higher Self, as your own God guiding you. If you have the trust, then you are transformed.”

Connect With Dr. Pillai During the Full Moon of the Guru

Join Dr. Pillai for a 3-Day Virtual Retreat to be immersed in initiations and other sacred rituals and teachings to have the Guru’s help in transforming your life karma

You are also welcome to join a Complimentary Meditation and Avatar Aarti. In this session, an expert Pillai Center coach will discuss some of Dr. Pillai’s Guru Purnima teachings, guide you through a recorded meditation by Dr. Pillai, and perform Avatar Aarti, a simple yet powerful technique that instantly puts you in contact with Dr. Pillai’s energy through an offering of light.


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