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figure doing yoga or meditation to stop mindchatter

Dr. Pillai: “Just when I was coming here, for some reason, I thought about Steve Jobs, and Steve Jobs paid the highest tribute to India. If you read that big biography, the white book, he says that he went to India to learn from Neem Karoli Baba, who took a bunch of like LSD and would not even go to sleep. 

The Harvard people were working with him. That was what motivated Steve Jobs to go there. What he said about India is, “I learned from India, which changed my life, and that is the highest intelligence.” 

He said the same thing to Mark Zuckerberg who he was mentoring. 

When Mark Zuckerberg was not succeeding, he went to Steve Jobs, and Steve Jobs told him to go to the same place where he went, where Neem Karoli Baba lived and this is all there on YouTube. 

Mark Zuckerberg attributed his success to India and Indian wisdom.

That Wisdom Just Came to My Mind

That is what I wanted to share with you because it will give you a lot of motivation when I refer to these two giants who became very successful after dropping out of college, that is the most important thing. Not that you had to drop out of college to become successful, but the model provided by schools and colleges is not great. The model is something that is beyond what you can learn from books. 

I want most people, if not all, to succeed that way. What you need is to work with your brain, with your thinking. The one thing that I was going to start from bottom up, the bottom up is here. Reduce mind chatter. 

Mind Chatter Is the Problem

We have 35 to 50 thoughts a minute and all of them are stupid thoughts. The mind does not know what to do other than just to think stupid thoughts. That is unless and until we succeed with our education system. Whether it is in America or in India or anywhere else, it is totally useless. 

In that sense AI is also useless, because it is also developing the mind based knowledge; it is pushing it to the very extreme. That is in my sense – such a waste of time. We have to break this model and go to a different model. That model was explained in two or three words by Patanjali – the Father of Yoga. 

Yoga Means Getting the Highest Intelligence

Yoga is not just physical exercise where people just go and do some bodily movements. Yoga is “Chitta Vritti Nirodha;” just three words. Stop the mind and then you are in yoga, and to be in yoga means that you are in super intelligence. 

Reduce mind chatter that is reduced. I was very careful to use the word “Reduce” because you cannot get back to the yoga, which is stopping out of mind.

At least you can reduce the mind chatter, for which you have to understand certain things. I am going to go through a lot of ideas; you have to listen to it over and over again in order to understand the concept behind it. 

Where does the mind come from? From your ego, which is your eye consciousness, which is a well separated identity from God; all your ego is stupidity because it is just a separated condition. The stupidity is coming from the past. 

I am going to lead you through all these things: ego, stupidity, separation; that comes from the past. You cannot just have a mind without the past, all these have to go. What is really important is the highest intelligence. Einstein said it very clearly, “the only valuable thing is intuition.” That is the most important thing that he said. 

The Only Valuable Reality Is Intuition

You do not have to get a college degree for intuition. That intuition is already in you. You just have to stop the mind chatter. When you stop the mind chatter and be quiet, then you have wisdom. 

That is what the Buddha did. The Buddha said that he uses one beautiful word that is “Nirvana.” Nirvana means nothingness, the absence of mind; the absence of nothing, there is nothing there and that is the reality. 

When You Are in That Reality, the Mind Chatter Stops

When you live that life, then manifestation is so ridiculous, you can manifest anything you want. Manifestation is not that important at that point. What is important is the manifestation. But all along you have manifestation first, you can go to de-manifestation later, because that is a more evolved condition.”

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