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Artificial Intelligence and Divine Intelligence

Dr. Pillai: “We are now in the age of AI, (Artificial Intelligence). Although there are a number of good things that can come out of AI, everyone is afraid of the devastation that AI may bring about. What is going to happen though is that the divine intelligence is going to take off, or revive, because the Golden Age is beginning to start. 

In fact, it has already started and we will see how it is expressed more and more. 

Evil has to be destroyed in order for the Golden Age to blossom. 

Divine Intelligence Characterizes the Golden Age 

Divine intelligence is the intelligence of Gods and Goddesses. Through divine intelligence, we can do better than we have done with science and technology. 

When you go to the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, you see the engagement with the Divine help with problems, solve problems, or diseases, or lack of money, etc. The Old Testament is full of it. The New Testament is, too. When Jesus healed, he did not heal the blind with any medicine, and he was dealing with the evil, negative forces, which were causing diseases, and he was really a Ghostbuster.

Kali Destroys Evil

A few minutes ago, I was inspired to do this video on Kali, the Mother Goddess who destroys evil, whether diseases, or poverty, or any problems that you encounter.

I am going to do a very short meditation with you, with the candle here. We will first chant the mantra Kali.

Close your eyes and listen to the sound; this mantra is a password to call her.

Close your eyes.


Kreem (3x)

The sound Kreem which I repeated three times is the secret code or password to call on Kali, Kali the Goddess, the Mother Goddess who destroys evil forces and diseases, problems, etc. 


Kreem (3x)

Kali Thaaye Namaha

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

While you do this, light a candle and have ghee, which is clarified butter, and just put a drop, which will bring the Goddess. She is very compassionate. 

The Goddess Represents Dharma and Righteousness 

The lack of righteousness causes diseases, money problems, relationship problems, and all kinds of problems. She will come immediately, and miraculously heal all these problems. She is better than AI.

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Phat Swaha

Hum Phat brings weapons more powerful than nuclear weapons to destroy the evil forces that these nuclear weapons use, not like the human ones, but it will destroy only the evil.

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

Now accept her, and see her image in your eyes. in your mind’s eye in the third eye, and hear her mantra:

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

Hum Phat (4x) Swaha

Kreem Kreem is the moola mantra, which means the root mantra called Beeja for Kali, the Goddess.

Om Kreem (9x) Phat Swaha (3x)

Kreem (10x) Hum Phat Swaha

Kali the Goddess Will Come and Descend Into Your Body, Mind, and Soul to Protect You as She Is Mother Divine

Om Kreem (10x) Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

Now pray to her with all your body, mind, and soul together.

Pray to her; tell her your problems. You are being a victim to negative forces like lack of money, lack of resources, to diseases. “Mother! Destroy negativity in my body, mind, and soul, and in the environment.”

Om Kreem (10x) Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

Hum Phat Swaha (3x)

Kreem (7x) Hum Phat Swaha

Make a prayer.

Say her prayer.

“Kali ma. Descend into this world, descent into the body, mind, and soul of everyone and destroy negativity and evil forces.

Thank you, mother. Thank you, mother. Thank you, mother.”

Watch Replay to Chant the Mantra With Dr. Pillai 

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