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Planet Saturn in the galaxy and space, universe

Dr. Pillai: “I want to use this to educate people about the power of Saturn. Saturn is the most powerful planet, even more powerful than Jupiter (Guru). 

Saturn Is Going to Give You a Life Lesson Through Hardship 

It will be worth it after you go through that lesson that Saturn gives you. That but for Saturn, you would not have looked into life and its complexity and learned the lessons. 

I want everyone to learn this lesson from Saturn.

It Is Because of Saturn That One Goes Through Intense Pain 

It is also through Saturn that one gets a lift in one’s life. It is very important to know how Saturn is aspected in your chart and how you can benefit from this knowledge of Saturn’s relationship with you.

For instance, if Saturn is going to give you a lesson that is going to be really harsh, you would really want to do something about it so that you are not hit so hard.  That is one thing. 

If you are facing several issues related to career, health, wealth, relationships, financial hardships, etc., then it is possible that these conditions are created by Saturn based on your karmic record, not to punish you but to make you learn important aspects of your life.

If you are affected by Saturn, then it is extremely important to seek his blessings.

If he is going to give something very good, you can take it. There is no problem with it. 

It Is Very Important to Keep an Eye on the Movement of Saturn

It is not only the movement of Saturn from one sign to another sign because it takes two and a half years for him to move from one zodiac to another. 

There are aspects, Saturn aspects — 3, 7, and 10.

They have great impacts, too. The 8th House Saturn and the seven and half years Saturn. On a daily basis, the Saturn Hora, which lasts for an hour, and comes one or two times in a day — they are all very significant.

As One Who Believes in Astrology as a Science, Nothing Happens Without the Movement of Planet Saturn

Saturn is a Decision Maker: He is the one who governs life.

Life itself is Saturn. Life will be out if Saturn is not there. It is important that everyone should acquire some knowledge about Saturn. I will be talking about Saturn in my future videos.”

Harness the Power of Planet Saturn for a Fulfilling Life with Saturn’s Birthday Remedies

Saturn, the celestial body associated with karma, possesses great influence in the realm of archetypes. He is known to bestow lessons and benefits in accordance with one’s deeds. Saturn urges you to fulfill your karmic duties.

This year, Saturn will be in his Prime Position in Aquarius during his birthday Powertime. This fortunate placement boosts his ability to remove problems, suffering, and delays caused by the malefic impact of planets, bring new opportunities, and give you success, wealth, wish fulfillment, protection, victory, and a long, healthy life.

According to sacred texts, it is considered auspicious to honor Saturn on his birthday to seek relief from his malefic effects. One way you can do so is to participate in sacred rituals performed by our experienced Vedic priests on your behalf.

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